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The Age of Trailers...


Can I just have a brief rant, which I hardly ever do but…

I just read an article that is analysing all the things the new Spider-man Homecoming got right that the new JL trailer didn’t. Firstly, I can’t believe we’re now analysing trailers now in this odd Marvel vs DC battle (You can enjoy both). And secondly, they talk about how the Spidey trailer works in showing the inner conflict of the movie and its characters which the JL one doesn’t. It says it gives us no reason to watch it, and the trailer was only a load of action with no hint at the villain or the character’s conflict. This may be true but they also say Spidey basically gave away the whole movie, which i agree with and is why i stopped watching halfway through as i know i’m going to watch it. With JL I loved how a lot wasn’t given away and that the story and villain will be revealed when I watch the film. BvS trailers ruined the surprises of the movie, JL hasn’t, although no doubt we’ll get another trailer pre-release.
Anyway rant over. Be cool to hear other people’s thoughts on what they look for in a trailer. I just want a short idea on the general concept of the movie with not much given away.
P.S. And comparing the marvel and DC films based on trailers annoyed me a little.


It boils down to the fact that Spidey is much deeper into production so they have a lot more to show.


I belive that, Since the trailer became a new form of entertainment (We can not deny that, they even has it´s parodies, like Honest Trailers, showing that, at least for now, we watch them as Shot movies), almost independent from the movies, it´s not much of a strecht that we got to Analysing part.

I became aware of this with the trailer (s) of Suicide Squad, wich, i tought (and still think) was fabolous, all due to the magic of editing, good soundtrack an the exact ammount of infomation you needed to ejoy it.
I acctually belive that it should be an Oscar for best trailer… many sucky movies have awesome trailers, and, if you think about it, making a good trailer out of a pile of garbage, has to have it´s recognition.


The Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer does show the entire film chronologically until maybe the last 5 minutes.


It also kind of tells you the whole plot in the title.


Hmm, I don’t really see how the Spider-Man trailer shows us anything we don’t already know will happen bar Stark taking the suit back after Peter’s mistake that we kind of see but don’t know much about and I’m pretty sure that’s first act stuff.

But either way, they’ve been showing us the entire plot of movies for years in trailers bar any twists and I can’t remember a time when it’s ruined a film for me, especially not the MCU.

To me a trailer is just like flicking through a comic before you read it.

Edit: what I’m saying is context is what makes the scenes entertaining to watch within the film whether you’ve glimpsed them or not, beforehand.


It does, I still really liked it though.

It shows in that sense where character comes in. A 2 minute trailer can’t ever convey how much you’ll care about the outcome. A lot of plots are predictable or repetitive, like the joke on whether Spidey will beat the Vulture, of course he will, what is more important is if they make you get involved. Titanic is the perfect example, we all know it sinks, second highest box office of all time.

Most superhero films more or less have the same plot, the reason we like some more than others is more to do with how engaged we are with the other aspects. Guardians of the Galaxy has the same unmotivated villain problems Thor 2 does, it just has loads of great jokes.


Yeah, I definitely felt the Spidey trailer gave away too much. I’d much rather the Cap cameo have been kept as a surprise too.

I’m guessing Sony cut the trailer rather than Marvel?


I’ll admit, I agree with that.


Should also maybe spoiler blur this as RJC hasn’t watched it all