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The Adventures of Cordelia Swift


Hi Gang,

Finally found an artist for my Steampunk series: The Adventures of Cordelia Swift after a VERY long search and sitting on the story for a couple of years…
So, i thought i’d show you the test page my guy sent me last night…
Interested to know you thoughts?



Looks great, Matt!


Looks good to me!

Second panel could be a bigger tilt to emphasise the shock maybe. And Cordelia’s style (hair and outfit) looks sort of 60s, not Victorian. But I pick nits.

Love the font style, very From Hell.


Your guy has a very nice style, I really like it.

Have to agree with Michael though – the very small inset panel gets sort of lost. That’s the only fault on an otherwise excellent page.


I meant the second, big panel, forgot about the inset! Yeah, you could tilt that too.

But I worry we’re not stressing the positives enough - he’s got a strong, 2000AD look to his characters, think you’ve got a winner there. Slightly Kevin O’Neil, although that could just be the Victorian backdrop…


Hi Guys,

Cheers for the advice.
I’ll mention it to the artist about small panel to see what he can do to beef it up.

Glad you like it :smiley:
Makes me happy!

Thanks again


Another page…because I love ya!


started adding some colour the weekend! :smiley:


Got some more pages back…
I’m getting excited about this comic!
1st issue is nearly done! :smiley:



That’s really great Matt, sort of reminiscent of a Will Eisner Spirit kind of vibe. I particularly like the last panel. Your eye is drawn in one direction, so that the silhouette is only noticed after. Very nice work.


Thanks for the kind words, Si

I wish i could take credit for that, but thats my artist bringing the story to life…

Not the 1st person to say that about the similarity to the late great Will Eisner.
Which i love!
I suppose the story itself could be considered a Spirit-esq tale.
Its a murder mystery, with a pluck detective…with a little steampunk thrown in!


That is a cracking page. I can really see the Eisner thing now that you mention it.


Well, it’s pretty good company to be in, if you want my opinion. My compliments to the artist.


My artist Aleksandar is killing it.
I’m so happy with what he is doing.

What do you chaps think about it being coluored?
I like it black and white, but…


I think that Black and white works for the starkness of that image.

But as a disclaimer I’m not an artist. I have no idea what palette of colours would work.


It would be interesting to see an attempt at colour, but I think it works great as it is.


I like it in black and white. And yes, now it’s been mentioned, there’s a strong Eisner feel to that last page you posted. Great stuff :thumbsup:


me neither! hence asking you lot :smiley:


I am not a colourist at all, but i have been playing about to see what it looks like.
I mean the colour palette is completely wrong, but what do you chaps reckon?
plus its on cmyk rather than RGB so screen wise it look shite! :smiley:




Matt, mate, these are looking bloody great man! You at Thoughtbubble? Would love to chat in person man, finally! Haha!