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The 24 hrs I thought the Kingsman movie had flopped!


This is an interesting video, a chat with Mark Searby above a London pub last week, covering everything from the Civil War movie to Kingsman:



“I haven’t changed at all.”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

“Everybody’s so different / I haven’t changed”

  • Joe Walsh

Me, too, Brother Mark. Me too!

PS - The opening day numbers for KA must have felt like asking for a bicycle for Christmas and getting one pair of underwear!

PPS - Any time you want to overnight me a rough or something for an independent opinion, I’d be glad to do it. I was once Inside and am now Outside, total Audience. You were Outside and are now Inside, which explains some of our addled communications over the years. Ships passing in the night have problems with fog. Go read my recent blurb on the Health & Fitness thread; it may well explain why I’ve been such an odd duck at times. :smile_cat:


What’s up with the odd color correction? It looks like you have the blue within blue eyes from Dune.


My Name is a Killing Word


Which reminds me.

There really should be a Millar Bobblehead.


Or at least a Funko