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That Superman Vs Batman trailer


It won me over.

That first trailer didn’t do anything for me at all and only compounded the lack of interest I had after Man of Steel. But if this movie is anything like as good as that trailer I’m in.

I still feel it’s shot weirdly dark for a thing that should be incredibly joyous and colourful (a superhero team-up) and I’m slightly weirded out by Alfred dressed like Robert Downey Jr, but this got so many things right, from Superman rescues to, the best thing I’ve seen in ages, Bruce Wayne running as fast as he can into the dust and rubble AS A BUILDING IS COLLAPSING to rescue people he can inside. Only Batman would run into a skyscraper falling down knowing he’s going to be fast enough to save people, even if he doesn’t know what’s behind that dust.

ALSO: I love the fact that a director famous for kinetic movement is finally doing Batman. Even in 1989 I was slightly disappointed to see Batman stiffly turning for kung-fu kicks in that rubber suit and Bale’s Batman as always the least interesting thing in the otherwise great movies. But seeing Batman really MOVE here makes me feel we could see stuff we’ve never seen before.

I’m cautious. That final MOS trailer looked like the greatest movie ever made. But so far so great. I’m in. Like Episode 2 me hoping for the best after Episode 1 I have let my guard down again!



I think Snyder could give us a really good Batman, and Wonder Woman. At heart he’s more interested in war than peace, and more in warriors than civilians.

Yeah Bruce running towards the danger, to help people, is a pretty good definition of him. I don’t think he knows he can survive it, he just has to try and do what he can.

He can’t stand by and he wont wait for backup. That’s Batman.


Well, that’s the big question, I guess.

Snyder’s style lends itself very well to trailers. His movies have their faults, but they usually look pretty good.

I’m just hoping there’s enough in the way of decent connecting tissue that the movie will live up to the promise of the cool moments shown in the trailer.


They captured everything I love about Lex in one Eisenberg sized package.
I hope for the best too.
Snyder is amazing at trailers, so there’s always some cautiousness.


Cue Growly voice : “Because I’m Batman.”


The goddamn Batman!


I thought that it was a pretty good trailer. I didn’t like Man of Steel a great deal (although there were things about it). I’m not going to make any pronouncements about this one a year in advance, but did watch the trailer in anticipation of the inevitable How it Should have ended Youtube spoof.


I loved it and ordered the Man of Steel Blu-ray over the weekend because of it. I can’t wait for this movie. Did you notice the hints of Superman: Red Son, @Mark_Millar?


I liked every decision Snyder made about Man of Steel; I think its weaknesses were more in the script than anything. I am glad that Goyer hasn’t been writing the sequel alone, but that they got the Argo guy for it. I’m hoping that will improve on the dialogues.

As usually with Snyder, the trailers make it all worthwhile, anyway. I am looking forward to another two or three brilliant trailers for now - we’ll have to see about the movie :smile:


Imagine how watching that trailer felt for those of us who loved Man of Steel. Chills. While they’re different beasts, DC kicks Marvels ass when they choose to.

Between this and the Star Wars behind the scenes it was quite a wonderful weekend.


I wonder if DC can steal Marvel’s crown next year. Avengers didn’t entire work and as much as I’m looking forward to them a good half of that slate for the next 5 years won’t hit Iron Man 3 numbers. I think 600 mill would be a good result for a lot of that stuff and that’s only break even if your movie costs 200 mill and you spend 100 marketing.

DC on the other hand has characters we haven’t seen in a long time or not even at all. If they don’t drop the ball they’re in a really nice position, though I can’t help pointing out that Millarworld has had almost as many movies as them released since 2010 :smile:



I honestly think Millarworld has the potential to be a film powerhouse once everything gets rolling. I’m excited for the future.


I think Batman/Superman is going to make bank no matter what.

Now Suicide Squad and how it handles those characters will be a real test.
The teaser showed some really good stuff, and some eerie stuff with regards to Enchantress.
It’s all about foundation setting.


I don’t think DC will overtake Marvel yet. Marvel hasn’t made a serious mistake yet. ‘Age of Ultron’ wasn’t as good as ‘Avengers’ but it was still fine and did very well, and it came after ‘Winter Soldier’ which was very good indeed.

DC could build their brand to compete with Marvel and Marvel could drop the ball enough times to really take a dive at the box office.

But those two things happening together are a long shot.


Getting Snyder for Superman was an incredibly important decision. It’s what’s making the DC universe distinctive, and potentially stronger than Marvel. The big question is whether they’ll manage to keep up a visual style with other directors at the helm. At this point, all we know is that Snyder is making movies that sell. Anything else will depend on who they get for the other projects, and whether they can build a house style.


Well, yes - the distinctive tone of the DC movie Universe is entirely consistent at the moment, because it only consists of one film! :smile:

We can expect BvS to be more or less in line with MoS, but it will be interesting to see where things go from there as other directors get involved.

Arguably, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is in line with the tone and style established in the first Iron Man, so it isn’t inconceivable that an entire line of movies would follow the lead of one initial film.


The Suicide Squad trailer (what i could see of it) looked close enough.


Depends. Maybe Watchmen is in continuity now. From the trailer, it appears that the Comedian is actually Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father. :wink:


Yeah, especially through Amanda Waller.
Looked close, but also had a distinctive feel to it. Ayer has been given a large stretch of land.


I really love how, when that issue came out and that line became famous everyone was mocking the hell out of it but…over time…it really has become a classic line that perfectly encapsulates the character.