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That moment when....


your external hard drive dies and you lose all your comic work!


I am so sorry.

I’ve been there. I lost a play I wrote (or as I like to think of it, “three months of my life I’m never getting back”) that way.


five years of stories, art and complete comics gone…
As well as family photos…
I am soooo gutted right now


That is rough dude. I can only sympathise.


cheers, mate…
I’m still smiling…looks kinda creepy right now, but smiling non the less! :smiley:


what happened to the drive? There are ways to get back lost data


Ah Matt that sucks … and yeah, can’t you take it to a Lorcan and see if anything can be salvaged?

Three days before I was due to hand in my Psychology degree dissertation, while saving from the (department!) desktop to the floppy disk I was using as a back-up, the computer had a power surge and it wiped the copy on the desktop AND the back-up.

I had three days to redo it all from scratch (weeks of work). I spent most of them sobbing silently to myself.

Hope you can get some of it back at least!


Lorcan is right, unless the thing is really destroyed there’s a good chance you can get it back. I’ve recovered photos from a hard drive that was formatted and re-partitioned because it failed every other time the PC was booted. It worked briefly enough for me to use some freeware to dig deep and find them.


it keeps coming up:
f:/ drive not accessible.

Access denied.

I’ve been googling stuff and people suggested playing with the sharing and security settings.
Tried them all but it still wont let me access the drive.

However, i plugged it into my DVD playing and it let me access the family photos that were on there.
The data is still there, i just need to firgure out how to get to it.

So, hopefully all is not lost! :smiley:


Thats sucks, buddy.

i haven’t given up hope…yet! :smiley:


What version of windows are you running? I take it it’s an external drive? Is there another computer you can use to access the drive?


cheers mate, the positiveness is helping not lose my marbles and scream!


its window 8.1…
It is a WD external hard drive.
I tried it on my work PC and it does the same.


That’s some heart-stopping stuff right there. Hope it’s still there and you can figure out a way to get to it!


thanks, mate :slight_smile:


Good luck Matt. I lost an external hard drive once too and it was gutting.


The data is definitely there and it sounds like it should be a relatively straightforward process to retrieve your data, but the bugger will be finding out what went wrong and how to get at things. Honestly I’d suggest finding a computer monkey and getting them to get the data for you. And move to flash drives, they’re so much easier to deal with.


That’s what I’m think too, buddy.
This thread is the reason why I love MW, you guys are all top blokes!


Damn, Matt! I know how it feels - had a PC with a seven-novel megawork stolen, along with backups.

Yep, take thee to a hardware expert. And take the whole PC, it might be more or other than just the drive.

This is why God gave us thumb drives!



I manged to get the majority of my work back!
So far i have only lost a few documents that were corrupted!
I am over the moon!

anyone recommend a decent cloud system so this doesn’t happen again?
Preferably with a one off payment rather than a monthly subscription.