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That Magnificent Seven trailer


I dunno, people.

I want to love it, but there’s the whiff of this not working. Pratt really had that ball in 2014 and yes I know Jurassic made 1.5 billion, but I can’t even remember him being in it.

Ryan Reynolds just swooped in and became THE DUDE.

We’ll see, but I have a not great feeling about this.



Wait, so you think Pratt has lost it now?
Out of interest, how does that theoretically happen? Is it by having too low a visibility? Not taking on enough projects?
I’m really curious because you’ve been singing his praises for ages.

As for the movie, I’ll be there on opening weekend.


I’m not a huge Fuqua fan. The Equalizer was decent, and Training Day is great, but there’s a lot of bad/forgettable stuff in there too, like Southpaw and Olympus Has Fallen.

The trailer looks fun enough, but I’ll wait and see.


Yeah, Pratt should only be doing movies you can bring the whole family to right now. I love the guy but don’t want to see him grumbling in a charmless role in an ultraviolent Western after his charmless role in Jurassic World (a movie he could have been great in if the part was written better).

Not great career choices imo.


I think it’ll be huge. I’m not sold on Fuqua every time, never even saw ‘The Equalizer’, but this?

This is one the most exciting trailers I’ve seen in ages! Iam definitely going to see it.


I stopped it 30 seconds from the end, which is not a good sign.

I dunno. I like Pratt, but it’s been 2 years since I saw the Pratt I wanted and in that time Ryan Reynolds appeared again and snatched his crown I think. Guardians 2 better be bloody awesome.



This does happen with actors I guess… All it takes is the right role.

Reynolds was poison, until Deadpool though.


That trailer does look good. Like I said in the other thread, I’m not sure there was a demand for a Magnificent Seven remake. I wish they had taken a page out of the original’s handbook and remade it with an eye toward what is popular in film today. Though that film has likely been made a few times with Guardians of the Galaxy being pretty close to if not exactly one of them.


Reynolds had a movie open in sixth place at the US box office this weekend. It opened ninth place in the UK.

Deadpool was huge, but has it really made him that much of a star? It’ll probably be a year before his next movie comes out, as I don’t think he has anything else filmed.


This is how Snyder describes Justice League.


I’m a big fan of the Magnificent Seven (and Seven Samurai) so I am down for this.

The trailer looked good, but not great. However, I’ve noticed a trend of first trailers kind of being “meh” and second trailers being exciting, so who knows. I wonder if this rush to market the shit out of everything results in slapped together first efforts.

I like Pratt a lot. I hated Jurassic World. It may have been my least favorite movie ever. That wasn’t Pratt’s fault, although they did take an actor whose main strength is his charm and make him utterly charmless.

I hope that’s not the case here.


A slightly different cut, for the international markets;


That’s interesting.

I think it plays into the trend - that we’ve discussed a couple of times - of ‘star power’ being increasingly less significant as a factor in selling these movies. As franchising and branding has become more and more important, it feels like individual actors have taken less prominence in dictating the success of movies.

I can’t think of a modern-day equivalent to Tom Cruise or Arnie in their heyday. I think there aren’t many (any) actors who can be relied on to sell a movie on their presence alone.

Pratt has been in two big hits, and a lot of people surmised that his appeal to audiences was a big part of why those films succeeded. I guess this new film will be a good test of that.


Fair enough, but I prefer the US one.
It’s interesting to see what they change to market to a different audience.


I think the US cut is better, but it’s often interesting to see a little more footage.


I really want to see a Ryan Reynolds Western now. Serious tone, but with a slight black comedic edge.

That new Magnificent Seven? Not so much.


He’ll probably do one at some point, whether he’ll do it in a Deadpool sort of way though?


I’m not quite sure why the trailer has Transformers noises in it but I’ll pretty much watch anything with Denzel and Pratt, especially a western.

And the ‘seven varying hero archtypes banding together’ template would be remade in a different style every single summer if I was in charge.


Happens already;


I’m hoping we get a Three Amigos remake soon.