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That Flash TV show!


i have no problem with TV Barry, i have a problem with TV Wally


I have a problem with TV Barry…but no problem with TV Wally…as there is nothing to him yet.


Just over an hour away!


Now, ain’t this just becoming typical between you and me, Mr. Punk! Last night I decided I don’t much like Wally. Don’t like the Batgirl from-the-film-that-must-not-be-mentioned motor sports theme. Don’t like how Joe acts around him. Don’t like the writing. (Rest of the ep was - so-so. Not one of the better ones.)

Ah, well. We’ll always have Eobard.


I agree with everything you said.


Caught up with the first season (heh). It satisfies my Fringe fix.


For people who have seen “Wrath of Savitar”, what do you think?
Also, at the end, why is Savitar so much slower than he used to be? Barry wasn’t even able to lift a finger on this guy before, but once Savitar was freed from the Speed Force, Barry was able to punch him?


Because they stopped using CGI and went for an ugly practical suit, which made things slower.


Ah! But seriously, I hope they explain this.


I’ve just watched Barry Allen, Killer Frost and Vibe fighting Grodd and Solovar in Gorilla City on Earth-2 while Kid Flash and Jessie Quick stopped bank robbers in Central City on Earth-1.

Anyone who has read ^ that ^ sentence without thinking “That sounds like the greatest thing on television ever in the history of television” can hand in their geek credentials and leave the forum now :stuck_out_tongue:

We are in a Golden Age.


Ideas are all fine and good.

Anyone can have a good idea.

It’s execution that matters, and CW’s Barry Allen is the still the guy who pretended to have brain damage to get an apology out of a guy whose girlfriend he kissed.

Putting that aside, the Gorilla City attack was very boring.
And not killing Grodd had butt-backwards logic.