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That Flash TV show!

It’s very likeable.

I can’t get past the annoying supporting cast, but that guy playing the lead is 70% of what makes this work. He’s enormously likeable and like Iron Man that goes a long way with these things. It’s a shame he’s not in the JLA movie as he’s The Flash now I think.


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Have they already cast the Flash for the DC movies? I lose track.

It seems like a shame for them to have one Flash who’s already pretty popular and then try and introduce another one though.

I love the Flash show, and it’s entirely because Barry is such a charismatic lead. You just have to like him and trust him. It’s perfect casting for a proper superhero. The supporting cast can be annoying, but I like Joe, and the ambiguity of Dr Wells is played very well. You really want to like him, but… (I don’t think that’s actually a spoiler, is it? They show him as having ulterior motives right from the start.)

I like that the show tries - but I can’t get past the melodramatic CW-ness of it all.
Of course, given that iZombie is able to get past that, I blame the showrunners

Making Barry into a “Ducky” is probably one of the worst ideas I have ever heard of and probably makes him the weakest Barry there has ever been
Still, Professor Zoom in this show was pitch perfect. If only the rest of the show was on his level.

Was it really that ambiguous? The actor oozes smugness.

I loved the flash as a kid but haven’t checked this out yet, maybe I’ll give it a try.

I think Grant Gustin’s great. It’s ridiculous to be openly planning a competing version of the character while the show is settling in.

I like the supporting cast. Jesse L Martin is pretty much just playing his Law & Order character, which is brilliant. Danielle Panabaker’s always good value and I think Wells works largely because of Tom Kavanaugh’s performance.

Edit: and I say all this as someone who has no time for Flash solo stories in comics.

I’ve seen only limited episodes of this and Arrow but it seems that they are strongly playing The Flash as “TV Superman” and Green Arrow as “TV Batman”.


I think The Flash is actually “TV Spider-Man” in terms of his character and development. And it works great.

I’ve said it before, but I also think it’s crazy that they have cast a different actor to be Flash in the movies – and by all accounts he won’t even be Wally West, but also Barry Allen! It really makes you despair, doesn’t it? I don’t know if these people are idiots or just contemptuous of the audience (ie their customers).

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Ah OK. I’ve seen even less of Flash than I have Arrow. I liked Arrow and thought it made the best of the using him as a low-rent Batman. I’m just not a huge TV guy. So I didn’t get into it.

I don’t watch Arrow, I must say. I think part of the charm of Flash show is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously – but everything I see from Arrow suggests that it mostly does.

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Absolutely and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hawkgirl ends up as TV Wonder Woman for their trinity.


I really love Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon. I like the way he is slightly cocky with enough trepidation (Vibe?) to make him likable. I know Vibe is pretty much a D list superhero, but will definitely work in this Flash universe.


Really enjoyed first season of Flash, and I think it will just get better. Arrow is going to follow suit and lighten up, as magic appears and there’s the mid-season break to Legends of Tomorrow.

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DC’s decisions with their movie and tv universes are weird. On the one hand they say they are seperate (which I think is a totally valid way to do it) but then they do stuff like remove the Suicide Squad from Arrow because they are doing a movie now and not allowing the Big 3 on the TV shows. Why seperate them then?

Also I found the supporting cast (minus Iris) got less annoying as the show went on. Excited to get Wally West

Superman makes sort of a guest appearance on *Supergirl". Green Lantern was kind of written off when Flash went to Ferris Aircraft, which was shut down, and Barry knew about ir, saying “One of their test pilots disappeared.”

So that’s what happened to Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern - he “got disappeared”. That happens, y’know.

Nobody has mentioned Wonder Woman. I should think it was inevitable that WW would come out of the shadows to investigate the doings of metahumans in Central City, and when Supergirl is seen, this becomes almost mandatory. I think it would be great if Gal Gadot could be contracted to a couple of appearances, say mid-season. That would place it perfectly for the release of BvS. Both Arrow and Flash and Legends need crossovers to make all the stories work. This season’s Arrow has Damian Darhk (somebody needs to be kicked hard in the ankles for that spelling) and the appearance of magic. Flash started mid-story, and the team is just discovering that metahumans exist that were not created by the explosion. Flash has to break off Captain Cold, Heat Wave and likely Golden Glider (I hate that name) to Legends. The time line mess has to be explained, hence Rip Hunter. New costume. New Zoom. New Wells. New Iris.

Which reminds me: the Deathblow character (Doug Jones) was killed by Cold. I wonder if there will be an autopsy, a la Zod, as Deathblow was the key that revealed pre-explosion metahumans.

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What I love about it the most is that it’s a show I can sit down and enjoy with the whole family. Really looking forward to the 2nd season premiere tonight.


THERE IS ONLY ONE WALLY WEST! and that is not him.
is the one and only Wally

I love me some Wally West, too. But I’d rather have Barry on TV than no Flash at all.