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Testing some digital tools on some sequentials... WIP


This is from my new approach to creator owned comic MAYA btw… WIP

I’m looking for a “best” approach to digital pages with the final stuff looking like inks but without a detailed pencil step. So for this pages it is rough blueline layouts and then going directly to inks… penciling with inks it is.


Have you checked out some of the stuff Nick Pitarra has been posting about working digitally?

(btw, you do great hats.)


Chris do you use photoshop or manga studio?
Also any ideas how you design the template ?

Was thinking about doing some layouts for a collaborator


@Miqque: No I haven’t yet. Will do! And thanks! :wink:

@MarkAbnett: The template was done in photoshop. I just used a blueline page as reference and did my own template. In PS it really is easy to do… just watch the correct size and draw some lines and add some text. The inks on this piece are done using Sketchbook pro btw. because there are better digital ruler tools. PS has no real ruler tools but the brushes feel better to work with in PS. So I’m still figuring out what to use finally. It should be consistent.


Check YouTube.