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Terry Pratchett dies, aged 66


I had the pleasure of meeting him at a literary festival in Cardiff when he’d only had 2 books published, an absolute gent, rest in peace.





So much pleasure from his books and so much insight into what makes people people.

Was hugely proud as a teenager to have twice won a prize in a national writing competition, not really for the prize, but because Pratchett was one of the three judges - which meant he’d read stuff I’d written and liked it.

Rest in peace.



I met him years ago in Edinburgh, when he was launching Soul Music. He was a very nice gentleman, took time with everyone. When autographing the book he signed it Terry Pratchett, Don’t fade away… (which was a line from the story). There’s no chance the memory of Terry will ever fade, and I reckon his books will be read by generation after generation for hundreds of years to come.



Very sad news indeed.

Fantasy author Terry Pratchett dies at 66

Fantasy writer Terry Pratchett, creator of the “Discworld” series and author of more than 70 books, has died at the age of 66.

Pratchett, who suffered from a very rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s disease, had earned wide respect throughout Britain with his dignified campaign for the right of critically ill patients to choose assisted suicide.

Transworld Publishers say Pratchett died Thursday at his home, “with his cat sleeping on his bed surrounded by his family.”

Sounds like a nice way to go.



It always seems so sudden, even after a long illness.

He was a very talented and funny man and he leaves a lot of books for people to read, and re-read.


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No Dave, I think about 4 of us started threads on the same subject at the same time as the news broke.

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Reading the Discworld series as a teenager is what me back into reading again. Love those books.

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Your thread, Gar’s thread, Todd’s thread and Martin’s thread were all thrown in a pit together. I then threw down a single penknife and walked away for 5 minutes. The noises I heard coming from there were enough to haunt my dreams forever. When I returned, standing in the middle covered from head to toe in pixels was Gar’s thread, the others destroyed. Only the strong can survive in NuMillarworld. Such is the way of the jungle.



This is so, so sad.

I knew that his health was fading, but I am so sorry to hear this. He is one of the authors who’s books I genuinely cherish. The first book of his I read was Guards, Guards. I was hooked with the knocking without joke (I won’t explain it. Read it. It’s funny). I once made my sister get back in touch with a guy she had broken up with acrimoniously because she had loaned him my copy of Good Omens and not given it back, despite the risk of heartbreak and social awkwardness

And if you can get through Night Watch without shedding a tear for the fallen of the glorious 25th of May, you’re a better man/woman/person of indeterminate gender than I am.

I intend to go the Drum tonight, raise a glass…and probably break into a chorus of All of the Little Angels.



Bugger Bugger Bugger

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Sad news. It’s been a rough month …

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Very sad news. I have pretty much everything he’s written, so much enjoyment over the years reading his stuff.


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Really sad. I’ve only ever heard incredibly nice things about him and know his daughter, who’s a lovely person.

I hope they’re all doing OK and appreciate on some level all the good vibes coming from the readers who’s lives were touched by his work.




The last three posts on his Twitter account;



Loved his books so much. Can remember picking up Reaper Man, after being attracted by the cover in a Sainburys of all places, and devouring it in one afternoon.

In terms of my teenage reading Pratchett was probably second only to Douglas Adams (and by volume an easy number one).

I can also fairly safely say that my fiancée and I might not be together today without some early bonding over our love of all things Pterry

So funny, so human. Going to begin a reread of discworld starting as soon as I get home.

PS it wound, and continues to wind, me up to see headlines along the lines of “Sir Terry loses battle with Alzheimer’s”. He didn’t lose a battle with anything,

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My first Terry Pratchett book was Mort, which I read when I was around 13 I think. It was the cover that caught my interest at first - I’d never seen anything like it. Josh Kirby is a legend. It was listed in one of those book clubs that you should never join but there weren’t many book stores near me so I had to have it (oh the days when everything and anything wasn’t just a click away).

Waiting for the book was agonizing, and I was so excited when it finally arrived. I’d read things like Warhammer and LOTR beforehand, so I knew what fantasy books should be like - needless to say this was a revelation. I’ve read all of his books 2-3 times, picking a best one is incredibly difficult. Picking a favorite character is incredibly difficult. But I know like with most things, my heart will always be my first - with Mort. Such a great character, such a great story, a book that changed my life in many ways.

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My first Pratchett book was Reaper Man. I was a shelter at a library. I was shelving books when I saw the cover. I read the jacket and it intrigued my enough to check it out. I have been a fan since.



His productivity was astounding while retaining the quality. He didn’t even start young, when I met him that night in the late 1980s he’d just quit his job for the gas board to write and ended up with a bibliogarphy of over 70 books.

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I met him once at a signing when I was about 14. I was on my first date with a girl (ever, with any girl) and I completely tanked it by diverting us to forbidden planet.

She was extremely nice about it, but a second date never seemed to materialise…

No regrets!



Much sympathy for his family and friends. Another fine author, gone too soon.

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