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Terminal Pulp Anthology Kickstarter (Check it out)


I hope this is okay to post here. I looked around to see if there was a thread stating what can and cannot be posted. I figured it would be best here as it involves pros in the industry as well.

Millar also was kind enough to retweet us and say something nice about our Kickstarter.

TERMINAL is a 192-page hardcover pulp anthology featuring a collection of the comic book industry’s hottest up-and-coming creators.

As stated above, TERMINAL is a 192 page comic book anthology. Each story is done by a different creative team, and some cross many genres. Sci-fi, superhero, noir, detective fiction, horror…you name it. And yet, with so many different genres represented, every story connects to the other stories within the book. The “meeting point” of the stories is a train station, a terminal, so to speak. The stories and creative teams are:

STEELTOWN by Vito Delsante (Superman, Stray) and António Brandão (Lovecraft, PI)
GHOST AMONG US by CW Cooke (Solitary) and Aaron Pittman (Grimjack)
FAUSTO COLON by Justin Gray (Jonah Hex) and Larry Watts (Army of Darkness)
A TOUCH OF THE PAST by Troy Brownfield (Blood Queen) and Justin Washburn (Freelancers)
OUBLIETTE by Eric Palicki (No Angel) and Ande Rummel
GRRzly & K!nX by Steve Ekstrom (Cannibal Island) and Bob Rivard
GEMINI XIV by Matt Brady (Batman) and Nikola Čižmešija
BROKEN COLOSSUS by Mark Bertolini (Scum of the Earth) and Jerome Eyquem (Heavy Metal)
BROOD MARE by Justin Peniston and William Orr, the creators of Hunter Black
THE DUSK: SINS OF THE FATHER by Marco Lopez (Massively Effective), Gene Selassie (Rock, Paper, Scissors) and David Landi

The pros involved are Justin Gray, Justin Jordan (introduction), Jamal Igle, Duncan Rouleau, Jeff Johnson and many others. If you got a minute check us out via the link below and if you have another minute please share the link via twitter, facebook, instagram and any other social media sites you’re a part of.


Wow! What an undertaking. Good luck with the funding - I hope Terminal hits the printers :+1:


Thanks Drew!