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Temp Score in Movies and Television


What is temp score? This video explains it pretty well (and also goes on to talk about the use of the score in Marvel movies):

But if you haven’t got time to watch it, that’s fair.
To put it simply, lots of films have temporary scores put in by filmmakers for key sequences. Sometimes they cut the scenes to the music and, over time, that part of the film becomes inseparable from the piece of music in the mind of the director. This can become problematic when the composer has to create new music for the scene, which now fits the existing piece of music like a glove. This can result in movie scores sounding pretty similar to other movie scores. Check out this video for some comparisons:

I was wondering if we could find find any other film (or tv) music that sounded like it was based on a temp track.


That’s a pretty interesting video. The funny thing is, for me, it sums up Marvel’s approach to film making in it’s entirety, not just score related when they state that it’s playing it safe. That’s like their mantra or something.


More generally, I would assume that the use of temp music is why occasionally you get the feeling that trailers are just re-using music from other films.

I forget the film, but a while ago I swear there was a trailer that just blatantly lifted music from The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. That’s probably my favourite score ever so it stuck out like a sore thumb. The movie, when I eventually saw it, had a different score.