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I’ve never understood the appeal of Jessica Hynes.[/quote]
Booo. She was great in Spaced, Twenty Twelve, Doctor Who, and Shaun of the Dead.


Season 4 was pretty poor. I didn’t mind the offscreen killing of Alice , but I thought the show wasn’t nearly as much fun without her. And John Luther wasn’t quite up to his usual David Bowie inspired, superhero level. The ending wasn’t that interesting.

But hopefully this will be good.

After Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz, it was often overlooked that she co-wrote Spaced.


I’d love another Fargo series, but this would be a good season to go out on if they do. Especially given what they’ve been doing with Ray Wise’s character and Wes Wrench, you know?


I’ve heard people equate Ray Wise’s character (Paul Marrane) with the Sam Elliot’s “Stranger” from The Big Lebowski, but there’s more to him than that.

After the most recent episode, I had to search the internet to find the name of the woman who was killed in East Germany in 1988 (waaay back in the first scene of episode 1). It was Helga.


Absolutely fine. And never used to perpetuate negative stereotypes at all.


A hell of a lot of people I know didn’t even know that the term “gypped” even referred to Gypsies.


I think it’s used to mean something slightly different in the US problematic or not. I think it is generally seen as a way of life and not a people group, more a synonym for vagabond or nomad.


Perhaps in areas where there aren’t any Romani. Most places I’ve been, including here in NYC, where there are seem aware that it is derogatory.


That’s fair. Though there are pretty significant percentage of people of Polish, Irish, German, Italian and other European ancestry where I’m from. Maybe that memory is too far in the past.


I’m not sure if it’s been announced before, but Dave just followed the finale of Taskmaster series 4 with the line-up for season 5:
Nish Kumar
Sally Phillips
Bob Mortimor
Aisling Bea
Mark Watson

Good line-up.


My recording of the finale tonight cut off the ending. :frowning:


Did you get to see who won?


Nope. I’ll watch when it comes up on demand tomorrow.



That looks like a nightmare. :wink:


There’s a John Wick TV Series Called The Continental in the Works


I haven’t seen John Wick. Is it any good?


But will Christopher Walken be there?


The first one is one of the best action movies to come out in years. The second is a bit of a dud that seems to have misunderstood what made the first work so well.


I liked the first one, but thought the second one was better. Lots of stupid mythology that doesn’t make a lot of sense and some great action scenes.