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“From the director of 50 Shades of Grey”. Oh, good.

It pretty much looks like it would be. Great cast, obviously, but it all seems rather juvenile.

As an aside, is “gypsy” as a word completely unproblematic in the US? There’s been much discussion about the German equivalent, and it’s not being used a lot anymore as a result (instead, people mostly mention the Sinti and Roma peoples by name, which comes with its own set of problems of course, because it ignores other ethnic subgroups, but, well); it’d definitely not be possible to call a TV series about erotic (mis-)adventures by that name. Or is there something about the show’s title I’m not getting? At this point, I’m assuming it’s about her, um, “nomadic” habits in her love life?


The director of 50 Shades of Grey also made that Nowhere Boy movie about John Lennon…I don’t know if that was any good.


I enjoyed it well enough


This is a great bit that gives insight into why some cancelled shows may be picked up on a streaming service:

Speaking of canceled shows, Erwich was asked about what Hulu looks for in the decision to save an axed series. “If we’re going to transfer a show from another network, there’s a very specific set of circumstances,” he said, pointing out The Mindy Project, where Hulu had its past seasons, while Fox was airing the current one. “We knew that our audience loved that show. When Fox decided that it wasn’t viable for them to carry the show anymore, we knew quantifiably that there was still a huge audience for it. In a case like that we knew it made sense,” he explained. “A show that’s on another network where we don’t have the past seasons, it doesn’t really make sense for us.”


It’s a derogatory term when used like one, but most average people don’t care about the origins of the word gypsy.

Moreso it just evokes an exotic nature.


I think it’s one of those cases where there isn’t really a big enough group to be offended by it.

I think in Europe you get a similar disregard of the politically correct terms for native Americans.

I was just watching the rugby and that brought up good examples from the UK this year. An England player was fined and forced to apologise for calling his Welsh opponent a ‘gypsy’ (his family are travellers), yet the Exeter Chiefs team have a ‘Red Indian’ theme that causes much debate in US sport and nobody bats an eyelid.


Richard Hammond has broken his knee in a car crash, filming for the second season of ‘The Grand Tour’.

I couldn’t get through the first season, but I wish the Hamster a quick recovery.


YEOWSERS! Okay, I walked into a doorjamb the other morning, it ain’t pretty. Best to Hammond, the wee idjit! One segment of his own miniseries he filmed right down by Denver. Well, the Denver City Dump - one of 'em. Not far away. Just think - Hammie could have been walking on my trash!


Steve Coogan has announced that he is bringing Alan Partridge back to the BBC.

He made the announcement whilst appearing on The One Show today to promote the new paperback version of the latest Alan Partridge book, Nomad.

Coogan confirmed: “Alan will be back on the BBC early next year.”

Signalling it was more than just a special, he added: “There will be a lot of Alan on TV next year.”

Coogan kept tight lipped when asked further about the new format, but said: “He’ll just be back on a show. It might be a bit like this kind of show, maybe.” He jokingly added: “I’m here to do research.”


Ah that’s great. His last few Partridge projects have been pretty great, a return to form.


when he had his accident on Top Gear, it emphasised the support the show had, boosted the fan base and, drunk on that, made them jump the shark.
I wonder if this accident will do the reverse for the awful Grand Tour?


They’ve all had injuries, but Hammond has had it the worst.

I don’t know what lesson they’ll draw from it? If Clarkson hadn’t punched a producer they’d probably only be doing one more year of ‘Top Gear’ and then going on with their separate careers.

I don’t think they’ll walk away from the money Amazon is paying them, but re-organising things would not be a bad idea.



So Sloan magically escapes from the Rimbaldi chamber, Sydney and whoever she was with are split up, Sloan uses their kid to kill one of them or a time travel device to undo the entire events of the prior series?

No? But they worked so well before!


Had a look at the article and Hawley’s right - pulling off the type of story for Fargo isn’t easy.

If they do call it a day for now or forever, that alone would make Fargo stand out in a horde of US TV series that were ran into the ground lone before they were axed.


Fargo avoided the sophomore curse, in that the second season was better than the first; and I’m actually enjoying the current season even more than the second, primarily due to Coons and Winstead. I think the creators would be pulling the plug too early, but then I’m just a greedy fan.


I dunno, elements in the latest episode make me think doing a self-indefinite hiatus is a good move.


The two-part S4 wasn’t very good, but I’ll probably watch this anyway.


Buxton sets up shop in the Futuristic Zone as disembodied head Jarhead. It’s his job to set a contestant a series of riddles. If they answer them correctly, they win a crystal.

Hynes meanwhile will guard another of the Maze’s game zones, Medieval Zone, complete in period appropriate suit of armour.


I’ve never understood the appeal of Jessica Hynes. But I’m very much looking forward to the new series of the Crystal Maze. The clip they showed on the Last Leg a few weeks back looked great - Ayoade seemed to have the right tone for it.

I’m still rather disappointed that I didn’t manage to corral my friends into getting a team together to apply. I’ve wanted to go on the Crystal Maze since I was a kid.