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I’m hoping to get access to certain things for my Youtube channel at some point through NIScreen (they help NI digital content, too), but I need to have it up and running a little first.


This weekend between the returns of Dark Matter and Orphan Black I should be pretty happy… and Killjoys later in the month.



The use of a fake host reminds me of that attempt at a You Don’t Know Jack show from ages ago. The one with Paul Ruebens.

Might be interesting.



24 was always very silly and outrageous, but this played it a tad too safe when it came down to it.

The bar has been raised and 24 really needs to go insane to match up.



Fucking hell, yessssssssss!


Another thing we agree on Lorcan


Following the addition of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda as GizmoDuck, Entertainment Weekly confirmed a multitude of famous voices among the new cast. Not only do we have Tony Anselmo in the expanded role of Donald Duck himself, but also Paul F. Tompkins as nemesis Gladstone Gander, Community alum Jim Rash as Gyro Gearloose, Allison Janney as “Scrooge’s paramour” Goldie O’Gilt and Character Actress Margo Martindale as Ma Beagle.

If that weren’t enough, Eric Bauza will play the Beagle Boys, while Keith Ferguson voices rival billionaire Flintheart Glomgold, and Silicon Valley star Josh Brener plays tech industry billionaire Mark Beaks. The series premiere has also been set for August, while producers promise “it should feel like a combination” of Indiana Jones and Arrested Development, and sharpen the characterizations of Huey, Dewey and Louie.


Stop doing that, it’s bad for both our reps!


HA! You both agree!

I am lowering my estimation of both of you!


You see, @Tom_Punk? It’s an exponential growth pattern!


Eh. I’ve never heard of any of the creative team and SGU’s finale doesn’t really need any closure. It was a nice note to end on.


Did they ever reveal anything about what happened after the Atlantis finale, with the city in San Francisco bay?



There’s a series of novels that carry on after Atlantis. My mum’s read them and mentioned some things that happened. I think Wolsey and Shepherd steal Atlantis from the US government and fly it back to Pegasus.



I would rather the show go out on a creative high than pull a True Detective Season 2.


One thing I love about the offseason is that I get all the Canada shot sci-fi series together: Orphan Black, Killjoys, Dark Matter :slight_smile: