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There is but One game show, and its name is Jeopardy!






The video’s geoblocked, but I assume that’s a trailer for a second season of Idiotsitter?


Not only that, but all episodes are airing between this and next weekend


Oh. Isn’t that a burn-off?


Maybe, or possibly some Comedy Central version of binge watching? Channels like that are as much about having content to fill repeat slots as they are about the first-run


It does mystify me sometimes when I look at certain channels on Sky and they just show the same thing for hours in a row.

10:00 The Big Bang Theory
10:30 The Big Bang Theory
11:00 The Big Bang Theory
11:30 The Big Bang Theory

etc etc (Come Dine With Me seems a favourite for that too),


It is weird. I was quite keen to watch Fresh Prince when Comedy Central started showing it a few months back, but they quickly went from two episodes a day to four, which was just impossible to keep up with. I suspect they only ever expect people to dip in and our now and then, I suppose.

CC used to do it with Scrubs. I counted once that across their two channels, they were showing Scrubs 18 times in one day. I wish they’d throw in more shows for variety, even if just in the small hours of the night for people to record.


Blocks of shows appeal to people who are fans but don’t stream shows yet.

With so many channels there’s still a shortage of content, so its economical for a smaller channel to have an evening of Gordon Ramsey (for example) and people will tune in for that evening, much like having the radio on in the background.

As with radio, when a favourite “song” comes on you pay more attention, but the rest of the time it’s just relaxing to have something you like.


Before I got rid of my TV, I found I was doing this way too much, just watching endless repeats and doing nothing else for a night. I still do it sometimes with streaming media or downloads, but not as much.


There a couple-years old channel called Decades that, I think, does those ‘blocks’ right. They have a historical-perspective hour show every day, what happened on that date. During the week, fairly standard (old) programming. On weekends they do a ‘binge’ of one show or another. I quite enjoyed revisiting Hill Street Blues, for instance. Different show every weekend.


Written by iZombie’s Diane Ruggiero-Wright is a positive sign at least.


Freeform though
It’s something though.


Non stop Big Bang theory…that must be the tv programming in hell.


The network that gave us Strike Back and Banshee has now given a straight-to-series order to Warrior, a martial-arts drama inspired by an idea from the legendary Bruce Lee. Set in the crime-ridden Chinatown of 1870s San Francisco, Warrior centers on Chinese immigrant and martial-arts expert Ah Sahm, who becomes a hatchet man for one of Chinatown’s most formidable crime families. (And lots of punching and kicking is sure to ensue.)

Banshee creator Jonathan Tropper created the series and will executive-produce, along with Fast and the Furious franchise director Justin Lin. The ten-episode first season will shoot in Cape Town, South Africa this fall.


So, “Kung Fu” the way Bruce intended?


Does his estate get paid?


Some semi-spoilery stuff on Krypton (real minor), cool beans for Northern Ireland!