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The OA’s been renewed for a second season, but a third might be in doubt. It’s probably not that expensive though, especially compared to The Get Down and Sense8.

I liked the early episodes a lot, but the reveal of where they were going with it didn’t work for me at all, and I hated the ending.


Yeah I knew it was coming back. The expense is a good point, those two shows are particularly lavish.

It just seems to me that a bit of a hiccup in the model, with most shows they will at least have a clue about he chances of extending from the ratings and adjust accordingly. If the OA team as an example are going to end S2 on a cliffhanger and then it gets pulled the viewers are going to start to lose a little faith.



The issue I had with the ending of this is I felt it was very poorly executed. I would have been totally fine if it was all made up but the experience of the story fostered a connection in an unlikely bunch that allowed them to selflessly cooperate to take down a shooter in a practical way instead of “distracting” him with a stupid ass dance.
… Dudes there to kill people… He would have just shot them. Then leaving the bit of mystery at the end felt tacked on and unnecessary. Also I couldn’t stand how the parents got shit on the whole season and never got peace, then their daughter just dies in the end.

That being said, leading up to the ending, I was compelled with several aspects of the narrative and I enjoyed the ideas. I just felt it was completely ruined with the final couple episodes.


I didn’t quite feel the same. I think it pulled the rug out of some of OA’s story and then supported other bits. Which I actually found intriguing.

[spoiler]It does depend a bit on where it goes next, if the ‘moves’ actually do have some inherent power then it’s not a stupid ass dance and the shooter may have been influenced.

I never thought for a second she’s actually dead. Did you really? If so it’s a brave decision with a second season planned around an OA that doesn’t exist. Especially as the lead actress is writer/producer[/spoiler]


I love Bomer, but I don’t think this is for me.


With regard to the moves and their influence, if that’s the case, then it helps a bit. I just thought having a school shooting was a cheap move to invoke intense emotion in the scene. I found it very poorly directed. When I say dead, I mean from the perspective of her parents, not that the character is actually dead.

In the end, my wife and I were so intrigued by and enjoyed the narrative so much for the first 6 or 7 episodes that we watched them straight through in one sitting. It was only the end that I felt did a poor job to deliver and tie things up even with a second season planned.



I’ll give it a go. I like Hollywood history, even the fictional version of it.


They’ll save money on sets at least.


I like Animals, so most Duplass stuff gets a look from me.



Okay, I can’t be mature about this, it’s just too awesome!


We should try out that method here if only to see what happens to everyone’s voices.

Or is that already the case around here? :wink: Might explain a thing or two.


Right! Let’s get drink and use that thing that Parker used! I’m pouring my first glass of chianti right now*!

*Okay, that was a lie. I poured it fifteen minutes ago.



Yeah, I’m sure everyone is torrenting that immediately…


I dunno, game shows are making a comeback.

Did ya see the new Love Connection?
Aces, man, aces.


I didn’t know that Steve Harvey had a new show until I saw this story.

The Dark Overlord, while I’m guessing is a proficient hacker, is really not that bright a person. After the OITNB story broke, one writer said what he stole is not what people are going to pirate. People will wait and watch them when they come out. This isn’t Game of Thrones. These are all pretty run of the mill TV shows.


People still watch that? :wink: