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Sure you can…like I said above.

It just won’t last long.


I remember liking the style of the first film (never saw the second) but not really liking the structure. I thought it worked much better in the special edition DVD where all the stories were separated and could be watched individually.


Me too, but I’m not sure it would make such a good movie that way.

They were extended too when they were separated out, weren’t they? I need to go back and rewatch that first one some time. It’s been a while, for the first movie especially.


That’s fair. I’m guess I mean they might have always been better as a Netflix style TV show where length isn’t an issue (so more like short films) but that wasn’t around then and it doesn’t sound like what they’re doing now.

I don’t remember if they were extended or not.


No lie, I’d see a fair amount of episodes featuring the Johnny character from the second movie, if they were able to get Gordon Levitt back


Really I don’t think there’s enough material in the comics to support a very long series, I think they would have to pad it out somewhat if they wanted anything more than a season or two of episodes.

My guess is that they will do what other properties have done, use the original text as a jumping-off point and spin characters and stories out of that in more detail.

The danger I think is that Sin City is very deliberately a pastiche with very over-the-top noir elements and a fairly caricatured approach to its characters. I think adding more depth risks losing something of the simplicity that makes it attractive in the first place.

We’ll see I guess.


He was in the first film too wasn’t he? In fact, wasn’t the whole test short they made (which was included in the first film) the one he starred in?


I don’t think he was in the first movie. You might be thinking of Josh Hartnett.

The JGL character in the sequel is an original character in a new story created for the film by Miller.


That wasn’t Johnny, that was the Salesman/Colonel played by Justin Hartnett.

I’d like him back in the show as well…since Colonel plays a big part in the body trafficking plotline.


That’s right. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the film. Sorry.


Yeah, anyway, the show is in a tough spot because just adapting the stories again will get boring, stretching them out would be dragging since most are perfectly paced…the human trafficking stuff is the way to go.

It’s not very developed and a lot of what goes on happens behind the scenes of the regular stories.
They could pepper in some of the original stories while expanding on this larger myth arc.



well, shit


please keep The OA


How did the second season end?. Did it wrap up well or leave a bunch of loose ends.


Very much the latter. :frowning:


The OA is a show I really can’t figure out how people enjoyed. I thought it was terrible. So many unnecessary pieces and a complete failure to deliver in the end.


The ending was whack, I’ll concede to that.

The series as a whole hit a lot of great emotional beats. For me, its strengths outweighed it’s cons.


I still don’t know how I feel about OA. A lot of it came off as overwrought and too precious, but it managed to keep me watching.


I really liked the OA. I enjoyed the mystery of it and found it quite tense.

I do think though that now Netflix are cancelling shows they need to go in with some plans. The ending of OA is fine as an end of act one but would be very unsatisfying as full ending. I was going to watch the second season of Sense 8 next up but now I’m not sure I can be bothered if it finishes on loads of loose ends.