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Ooh boy, that does not look good.


That’s a shame.


No matter how many episodes there are between here and there, the ending will be the guys sitting around the desk in Erlich’s house, playing ‘always blue’ with that Hoberman Switch.


Ah, well, that’s a shame.


Hannibal Season 4 May Be Back on the Table


I’d like to see more Hannibal, but reading that story I’m not sure what has changed: Fuller and the cast are keen to do another season, but no-one has taken them up on it yet.


The rights revert in a year or two so they’ll be able to option it again and shop it around properly seems to be the point.


When Fuller says he has a “great idea” for season 4, I was all in before I clicked on the fucking link.



May it be quickly followed by Pinky and the Brain.


Relevant video I just shared with my father-in-law:




Cinemax Cancels Post-Vietnam War Drama Quarry

Too bad. It was a great series.




I’m a bit confused by that article. First it says the series will hew closely to the comics, then it says that it plans to be a departure from the movies (which were pretty much as direct an adaptation from the comics as you could imagine) and introduce new characters and situations. I wonder which one it is.

Either way, after the two movies, I’m not sure I’m desperate to see a Sin City series. Not least because a big part of the appeal of the comics and the films is the visual style, and I would be surprised if a TV show did anything as heavily stylised.


Wow, you just made me do a 180. My first reaction was positive, now I can’t believe TV is the right way to go. The look of the first movie was key to its success.
Of course I’ll try it out, but half expecting a train wreck.


Really, the only thing they could do with the series is focusing on the Body Trafficking plotline that features in a lot of the stories as an undercurrent, most notably in Hell And Back.

But that has maybe 2 seasons worth of material at best.


It’s not quite a 180, I think Dave is right though that the thinking makes no sense, the Sin City films were scene for scene adaptions in the same style. You can’t be more loyal and more orginal.