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It’s not just bad, it’s terrible-ish


Like Steve says, the fact is acknowledged and kind of woven into the stories, but it’s more… well, for example two of the characters are fans of sci-fi and horror and so on and one of the things that strikes you is how weird it must have been, back then, to be into this kind of fiction as a black man, back then, because it really didn’t have a place for you. And Lovecraft Country is, I suppose, trying (in a really good way) to make up for that.


Oh, absolutely. But then, I have no doubt it will be. They’ll probably be going to the original pitch for the series at least as much as the set of novellas it became.

I think the Safe Negro Travel Guide was more central to that pitch, as it allows its characters to travel the country and encounter the supernatural, and I’d expect a TV series to make good use of that. After the first novella, I think a series would do well to take a different route than the novel does, and maybe pick up on some of those stories later on.



An interesting way to looking for potential hits:


Exciting news. This could be lots of fun.


It sounds very different from RTD’s usual work.




Kind of weird that its shot like its an indie drama.



A real Whitehouse photographer with a fictional president.


Okay, yeah, I’ll definitely take a look when it arrives. I currently have no sitcom to watch.

Tin Star also looks like it has a lot of potential.







I haven’t watched the current season of Veep, but it needs to get an end date.


So does Silicon Valley.
I mean, I still enjoy it…but it’d be more enjoyable knowing it had an ending.