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I’m guardedly excited about that dark crystal prequel.


I’m much more interested in this than any other reboot currently in the works. Even the continuing ‘Star Wars’ films, and I’ve very interested in those.


I love most things Henson did but I never liked Dark Crystal. The puppetry is stunning but as a story it’s not good.


Following up on the ‘Lovecraft Country’ adaption by Jordan Peele, I’m about halfway through and, while I’m still enjoying it, it’s going to need a lot of adapting.

The characters are great and the historical detail is as scary as it should be but the spooky stuff isn’t really in the same league.

A story about racism in the 1950’s is well worth telling, but it’s the supernatural elements that will attract a broader audience.

Oh, and certain sections of fandom are freaking out about making Lovecraft PC, but that was inevitable.


What is Lovecraft Country about - in terms of “Lovecraft”, I mean?


Not much, it’s basically a backdrop and there are little hints and references. That’s part of what I’m saying about the adaption; it needs a bit more of that to deliver on the promise of the title.

It’s a series of connected short-ish stories following a group of black protagonists in 1950’s America, with the Jim Crow laws still in full effect, so their problems, even the supernatural ones, general originate there.


Oh, that’s cool. I was worried it was going to be a load of crapping on Lovecraft for being racist.


That’s there, but not much, it’s more acknowledged than dealt with directly. The stories do explore, a bit, how his racism was woven into his stories and how that reflected the society he was a part of, but not enough to really pay off for me.

It feels like a very good early draft. I’m really interested in what Peele does with the stories.


Aye, and it’s not even all a summary of his time, but also of his family. So incredibly sheltered that in general huddled, massed, urban life was anathema. I just dislike the tendency for people to disregard some of his better stories for the racism. Arthur Jermyn is a perfectly paced story, but it gets a lot of flak.

I’m excited that it’s Jordan Peele. Get Out was a lot more even handed than I’ve come to expect from Hollywood.


He was a messed up guy. Lovecraft, not Peele.

There’s no need to disregard his stories, but people should (I think) explore where they came from.


Providence’s exploration was really great, but even that didn’t go far enough into it.


Not much information but that’s what Lynch wants…





Yay, Mon-El gets his own spin-off :slight_smile:


Oh boy.

I have some bad news for you…




college-ish is a bad title though.