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My wife has taught it in the past and thinks it’s a great text. All this talk of it now is tempting me to read it for myself.


If a “serious reporter” starts trading insults with a comedian, he’s already lost the contest.


It has been many decades, since his second appearance I believe, that anybody has ever considered Rivera a “serious” anything - except maybe a “serious asshat”.


True, but which one’s the serious reporter here?


Symphony, one of the companies who claim they know how many people are watching Netflix shows, have shut down their measurement tool:

Their methodology always seemed super-sketchy to me.



Currently working on a video for this. I’m loving the opening sequence (sounds like a Lovejoy enjoying some 'relief’at the end there) and the music in all the trailers/teasers has been excellent and well suited.


Third time’s the charm?


Locke & Key could be such a great show. Hope it works out this time around.


I was lucky enough to see the previous pilot (have there been more than one?) and it was good.

IIRC the official reason for not making a series is that they didn’t think they could keep the quality up? :confounded:

Try harder!


I’ve always hoped for a series.
The character development in the last third of the series really…went wonky for a few characters.
So a show could be more consistent.


No, but they announced a movie trilogy a few years ago that never went anywhere.


I certainly hope so. Locke & Key is still my favorite recent comic series.

Cuse is an uneven show runner but hopefully he brings his A game to the series.



The were-lizard was possibly the only good episode last time.

Hope they’ve learned from their mistakes.




Deceased equine abuse continues.



The AV Club’s preview of Silicon Valley (back on Sunday!) is just as positive as the Veep one last week.


That was absurdly good.