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Some good picks; some I’m not that keen on.

Daniel Mays being the only Line of Duty nomination outside of viewer’s choice is a shame (and odd, as he’s only in one episode before he dies).


That’s a strong group. I hope Taskmaster wins. Have they rejigged that category though? I thought the Last Leg usually went up in the same category as The Graham Norton Show (which I note hasn’t got a nomination anywhere as a show, just for Norton himself).


I wonder if it was rejigged after Stewart Lee tore it apart in one of his best ever routines…




That cast for Edith is pretty great, hope the scripts are as good as Cleese says.


I’ve lost trust in Cleese’s ability to judge good scripts over the years, given some of the stuff he’s appeared in. :slight_smile:

But yes, hope it’s good. It would be great to see a really excellent Cleese performance again.


I had missed that Jason Watkins was in this - that’s a good sign, I think he’s great.

Also, I love that Fawlty Towers was such an outrageous farce that a line like this (from that report) can be completely truthful and accurate.


Yes I know what you mean. Steadman, Watkins and Hynes seem to pick their projects pretty well though.



What are you saying? Those adverts he’s done for insurance and whatnot are gold. GOLD!



Man, I thought Donald Sutherland had died.


I think he still does a lot of voice work for commercials.


No, he’s perfectly fine…


He was in the Hunger Games movies. He has another TV series, but it’s on The Audience Network, so nobody has ever seen it.


Yeah I knew he was in the Hunger Games and he did a Western alongside Keifer too but for some reason I was under the impression that he had died recently.