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I always have that issue with Albert Finney, since Dennis Potter’s Karaoke/Cold Lazarus in the late 90s I always think he’s dead and then get surprised when he turns up in things like Skyfall.


I haven’t thought about Karaoke/Cold Lazarus in a while. I loved it at the time but I don’t know whether it would hold up today.

Cold Lazarus was really great though, in particular.


Heh. Scooby Doo. Heh.

That’s one movie that I watched in a very… heightened state, and due to that I, too, have almost no memory of it - but I do know that at the time, I thought it was hilarious beyond words. Almost died from lack of oxygen because I was laughing so much.

Sometimes, you just have to know how to watch a movie.



That looks rad


Outside of the actual business by far the most influential comics artists of the last 20 years are Daniel Clowes and Jamie Hewlett.



The title sequence for ‘American Gods’ is very trippy;




I wonder if Dave McKean had a hand in that.


He does a real range of work, from advertising to movie concept art, and he’s a CGI artist as well, so it’s likely he was (at least) approached.

But the company that did is the same one that did the titles for ‘Westworld’ amongst many others. There will be interviews after the show airs so we’ll find out if he was involved?


I was expecting Trent Reznor lyrics to kick in during that whole clip.


“I think I could lose myself in here…” :musical_note:

Also works as a theme tune for MW?


I still like this, from the earlier trailer;


…and a film director, he did Mirrormask as well as Michael Sheen’s ‘Gospel of Us’ (Sheen is a noted comics fan).

I know what Will means, there’s a lot of his style in that, I’d suspect even if he weren’t involved he provided some inspiration, especially as he did American Gods illustrations recently.


Yeah I see what he’s getting at too, McKean’s a multi-talented artist. He gave a talk at an art gallery near my university (they had a show of the original art for the Sandman covers) and he ended the talk with a musical number, singing and playing the guitar!


I love Nirvana’s cover of that song on the Unplugged album.


That makes two of us. :grinning:


I have a buddy who is in a 90’s cover band. I keep trying to talk him into doing a show that just recreates the set list from that album. :wink: