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The third season of OITNB wasn’t great, but I loved S4.

In related news, it’s going to be on actual TV in the UK:

I wonder if it’ll be edited for time/content.


I’d rather Milch were just put in charge.



Nicolas Winding Refn, Ed Brubaker, and Miles Teller are teaming up for an Amazon TV show about samurai assassins in Los Angeles.


Samurai assassins? Not Ninja assassins?



I don’t know. Without Pizzalotto, what’s the point in True Detective?

I think that first season fo Pizzalotto telling his original story and Fukunaga’s direction (not to mention the cast) may have been lightning in a bottle anyway.


That’s a very cool gig for Bru, and I’m defintely up for anything Refn chooses to do with a TV series, but…

…Miles Teller? As a cop in a samurai noir thingie?

…I would’ve cast differently. There’s against the grain, and there’s… casting Miles Teller in this kind of role. But I do expect him (or the series) to surprise me where that is concerned.


I’ve only seen him in Fantastic Four, which I only saw the first half of. He was pretty good in that but yeah, the names I’m really excited about are Brubaker and Refn.


Have you seen Whiplash? He’s so much better in that.


No, but I should. When it was out it looked like Oscar bait to me so I skipped it, but I’ve heard good things since then. Plus, J.K. Simmons!


It had a very similar feeling to parts of Birdman and La La Land to me. J.K. Simmons is amazing if you don’t mind hating him.


He is very good in that, but he played an overly-ambitious-sometimes-cute-sometimes-obnoxious, nerdy kind of guy. I assume that’s what got him the role of Reed because, you know, it fits young Reed pretty well.

I can see him as a young, innocent Rookie being overwhelmed by this underworld of samurai assassins, I guess.


Buffy re-union photo shoot;


Ah, Michelle Trachtenberg. Shame her career didn’t continue on its upwards trajectory after Buffy. Mind you, you can say the same about SMG.


You can say the same about most actors. It’s a tough choice of career, even if you’re good you can slip off the radar.


The Body is such an effective episode that I was surprised to see Kristine Sutherland in that reunion photo as my mind was convinced she was dead.


That it’s a shame? Not really a shame. She was a good Buffy, but she wasn’t great in anything else, and by all accounts she could be… difficult to work with.

Heh. I also had to think of The Body immediately when I saw her.

EDIT: Small anecdote: I used to use The Body as an example when teaching an introduction to film analysis until I realised that I was tempting fate by using such a brilliant depiction of a death in the family. It’s pure luck that I didn’t trigger a student’s trauma accidentally.


I hadn’t heard that. She was alright (on screen, I don’t know about behind the scenes) in Cruel Intentions. And… erm… nope, can’t think of anything else I’ve watched SMG in, really.


You mean you never saw Scooby-Doo?


I’d forgotten about that! Which is probably for the best.