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On top of all the other nerd cred from the new MST3K’s cast, Adam Savage did all the models and practical effects…


This is great:

I’m sure Armando Iannucci already did this as a parody, didn’t he?





I mean, I find it a comfy movie but damn a sequel?


It’s not an actual sequel, just a short for Red Nose Day tomorrow.


It’s only a short film for charity.


Not one of my finer moments of skimming I must say


As much as I loved the series, it really didn’t need to continue past S2. It told its story and did it well.


I believe that Soderbergh had planned on shifting the show to an anthology.
Where each two seasons would be one new story set in the Knick’s history.

That’s a good idea, and I guess this announcement nixes that.


That would have been a great way to continue.

I’m very happy with what we got, though.



The show runner for the TV series based on Stephen King’s story, ‘The Mist’ has clarified (a bit) how they’re expanding the story;


So the question becomes do you leave it, say that it’s already been done, or do you allow yourself to take the source material and reimagine it but staying true to Mr. King’s vision? I chose the latter. It is not the same story as in the book and the movie, nor is it the same characters – but fans of the story will still see clear parallels. I’ve compared it to the way they approached adapting Fargo, not in terms of content, but in how they played with the original material. Some things are exactly the same, some are totally different. Some things you think are the same as in the original, but turn out to be something else entirely. Some things you think make no sense at first but end up tying into the original story.



Are they going to make it not shit?


I’m sure that’s on the “To Do” list.


Any ‘Orange is the New Black’ fans in the house?


That’s cute. I give it ten cutes for cuteness.

I watched the show for the first two seasons and a little bit into season 3 but it just lost it’s hold on me. Same thing happened with House of Cards.