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I love these shows, they could go forever.

‘You look like a tentative Nazi’ is enough for me.


I dunno. My freckles can be very insightful at times, especially the 5 near my jawline?

I’ve heard there are chin exercises you can do for extra pupsy perspicacity.


Six years is pretty light compared to the life sentence he could have gotten.



Evelyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall, starring Jack Whitehall and Eva Longoria:


This is a bit surprising.



BBC America are making their own Top Gear, with William Fichtner and some other people I’ve never heard of:

An eight-episode season of Top Gear America will transport the motoring format stateside with actor William Fichtner, whose credits include Prison Break, Armageddon and Crash, leading the new lineup. He’ll be joined by drag racer Antron Brown and journalist/presenter Tom “Wookie” Ford.


I feel like they’ve tried this before.


Eventually they’ll realise that the show isn’t a “format” it’s a personality show.

Maybe these personalities will be the right ones.


Penélope Cruz To Play Donatella Versace In FX’s ‘Versace: American Crime Story’


More accurately other people have.

I think part of it nowadays is the Americans already have Top Gear (presented now by an American) or the Grand Tour if they prefer that. Borders on these things have disappeared in the last decade. That sets them a bar that the show has to be better out of the gate for anyone to bother.


Behold: the voice of Peppa Pig.

I didn’t know that she was actually five years old when she started voicing the character. I just assumed it was an older actress.


Oh, right, I forgot this was coming.

Still looks like it’s trying way too hard to be hip.

I don’t know. I’ll take a look, see if I can use bits and pieces for classes, at least. But I expect to be very annoyed indeed.




The first episode of Electric Dreams will be called ‘The Commuter’, the same as the Phillip K Dick short story on which it is based.

It will starTimothy Spall a well known character actor and various other established stars.



Ewan has really changed his look for both roles!