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I missed this when it was announced a couple of weeks back, but More4 has picked up The Good Fight in the UK and should be airing it soon. Huzzah!



New trailer;



Great British Bake-Off’s new hosts are… Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding.

I would not have guessed that.


What a bizarre pairing. I’m tempted to watch just to see how it works, though I assume Fielding will be hampered by self-censoring for a family programme.


It’s certainly thinking outside the (cake) box. Has Fielding done any mainstream presenting before?



I couldn’t help but read that in his Richmond voice.





Not surprising, but:


Hell yeah. Looking forward to the sheer WTFfery that Abaddon’s Gate will give the world.


So I’m totally going to have to watch this now



Got some *Highlander fans?

Brand new!


John Mosby was a regular on the old MW board many years ago. He’s still on Facebook and still a massive Highlander fan.

He’s a regular at many conventions, of all sorts. I hope the website and projects are a big hit for him and the other people involved.


John seems to be organising that, going off his FB posts.

I miss John. He always posted really insightfully.

Now it’s all “I’ve named my scrotum Lorcan” and “Your face”… “I love puppies!”…