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I wonder if these people know how off putting they’re making a grand mythological saga.


It’s likely that there haven’t really put messages in, not upfront, on purpose, but rather that Vanity Fair needs a headline.

The book had subtext, I expect the show does too.


Oh true, but I felt it was more focused on social critiques.

I trust the show will be good, but daang man.




While I do enjoy the show (especially Nick and Schmidt), I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it ended.


It deserves to come to an end for being called “adorkable”.


The adorkable aspects were always the least funny parts of the show.


So If I call the silver-age Legion of Superheroes “adorkable”…


In that instance, you would deserve to come to an end :wink:


This doesn’t seem consistent. By that logic Daily Beast should come to an end because they’re the ones who called New Girl “adorkable”, but earlier, you said that New Girl should come to an and because they called it “adorkable”.

Unless, should I come to an end because I ruminated upon the outcome of my calling something “adorkable”? If Daily Beast calls the silver-sage Legion of Super-Heroes “adorkable”, then should it come to an end?





Given that the LoSH hasn’t had a series in years, I feel that Lorcan missed the boat a bit, and especially since the silver age given how the final issue went


So it was adorkable?


Oh, the very opposite.



I can’t express how much I loved that Veep trailer




I’ll be there for Time Force for sure.