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Damn I still haven’t watched the second season!



This was one of my favourite moments in series 1:


I realised that the other day as well. Going to remedy that and rewatch the first season soon.


Does this Review show stream in UK anywhere does anyone know? It’s hard to google for a show called ‘Review.’


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Not sure. It’s some times called Review with Forrest something-or-other, if that helps.


Review with Forrest Macneill… This shows up very little either, it only seems to have played in the US and Sweden. Can’t find torrents of it either. I might try and work out if I can get a back door through Firefox onto comedy central - they seem to be streaming it for free - you used to be able to do that, I don’t know if you still can.

Looks like it’s right up my street for the odd bit of downtime I give myself.





Written by O’Brien, the untitled comedy (fka AP Bio) centers on Jack (Howerton), a hilariously cynical Ivy League professor who loses out on his dream job and goes to work as a high school biology teacher where he imposes his unorthodox teaching style and uses the kids to plot out revenge on those who wronged him. Oswalt plays Principal Durbin.



Of course Buffy deserves the praise, but I take issues with some of the claims made in the article for what BTVS “has given the world of entertainment”:

Buffy successfully put a woman at the centre of the series,

Jamie Summers, Diana Prince, 1970s.

Standalone storylines with an ongoing narrative leading up to an end of series ‘Big Bad’.

Babylon 5, 1990s.

Whip-smart dialogue filled with great pop culture references.

Everything, ever.

Joss Whedon!

Er, no, I’m pretty sure this is the other way round.


There’s a pretty large number of big shows that came after Buffy that cite it as a huge influence and inspiration. It may not have been the first to do all those things, but it’s pretty hard to argue it wasn’t hugely influentuial to the explosion of genre shows that have come out this century.


Lots of ingredients were well done by previous shows, but ‘Buffy’ did combines things and it did mark a change.

There were cop shows before ‘Hillstreet Blues’, hospital dramas before ‘ER’ and gangsters before ‘The Sopranos’ but, again, they all marked genuine shifts in TV.


Hm. A Buffy celebration might be in order. Or maybe wait for the 25th anniversary?

I am sure I could get some people together to watch a half-dozen or so of the best episodes.




Yes please.

Then I’ll have an excuse to do my really bad impersonation of Drusilla’s accent here.


Well the politics are likely in the eye of the beholder, but I could do without a prologue that give away who some of the characters really are?

It would be more fun to reveal the truth as the story goes along.