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No, older and younger brother.


Huh, I wonder where I got the idea that they were then.


It’s ALUMNUS. Geez, I expect it of Hollywood Reporter, which is consistently illiterate, but Variety too? How can anybody be so lazy that they can’t be bothered to type three letters to finish the word?


2nd definition. :wink:


The first definition kind of describes them better.



In that case, I extend my anger and contempt to everybody in America :stuck_out_tongue:


Which we will dutifully ignore. :wink:


Pffff, the Hol Rep is always using abbrevs.


Actually, people in the business call it THR. Confused the hell out of me a couple times. :wink:


Oh my god, my job love acronyms. Half the time they go unexplained too because everyone just assumes everyone else knows what they mean. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize out what a FBA Delivery meant (For Broadcast Air)


I have seen that, but it’s not an abbrev so the jk wouldn’t wrk.



He looks good.
But I always imagined him looking like Redd Fox.

Anyway…Starz needs to make an Anansi Boys miniseries with Orlando Jones then.
It was so much better than American Gods.


If AG is a hit, they have a spinoff ready and waiting.

So we should all… pray…? I guess…?


I get very antsy about American Gods, from multiple seasons to casting Jesus.

But man, Anansi Boys is this perfect microcosm of family, adventure, and all around tricky business.


The BBC announced an Anansi Boys adaptation years ago, but I’ve no idea if it’s still in the pipeline.


That would make more sense haha.

I wonder if it’ll get sent to hulu like Good Omens ended up.



It was done for World Service radio but the proposed TV version hasn’t made any headlines (that I can find) since 2014.

So I’d be interested to find out if it was cancelled and, if it was, did the rights revert to Gaiman?