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Due to the lack of news, I was getting worried this project might be canned,… but:


I’m not sure how Celebrity Apprentice could actually work.

“Complete this arbitrary meaningless task and I will give you a minor position in my company.”
“Er, thanks Arnie, but I’m already a Grammy-winning singer, why would I want to work in your sales department?”


Why are you backtalking, Arnold?


Actually, celebrities compete for money for their favorite charities.


That makes sense :slight_smile: (I wasn’t being funny, I genuinely didn’t know how it worked.)


They also tend to be celebrities who haven’t seen the spotlight in awhile. :wink:


That’s kind of the universal rule. If you are a celebrity at the top of your game and earning power you don’t need the financial bonus for a charity.

In some of the UK ones, and they often include US stars, they don’t really hide they are just doing it for the exposure and the money. It can often work for both.


The CG Nickelodeon series isn’t for me (which is fine) but I struggle to see how this description of the new iteration doesn’t describe that one: “we’re excited for the new series to take the characters in a different direction with more humor, a younger and lighter feel”. Only this bit, which isn’t an encouraging sign. “Tapping into mystic, ninja powers they never knew existed,”

Seems strange that it’s getting canned and replaced so quickly - I assume Turtles is still a cashcow for Nickelodeon, but in that case, why not just continue the current series?




Read with caution if you haven’t read the novel.



Was Ewan McGregar at the counter?


Yes, he was.


Jesus, he was almost unrecognizable.


He’s playing two different characters, so the other one might be more himself.


I thought the two characters were identical twins?