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… … … is that supposed to be comedy?


I’m not sure…


Another one from Netflix.


Where’s Don Cheadle? I didn’t see him anywhere in that trailer.


Somewhere, Terrence Howard is crying right now.


More Netflix shows!


Does GLOW = Ladies of Wrestling?


Yup. Starring Alison Brie and Marc Maron.


Mindhunters looks interesting.

War Machine, too, depending on where it’s headed.


based on


More Netflix, but in German this time:


Hardwick, of course, hosts AMC’s Talking Dead, which helped popularize the aftershow mini-genre. But while that program focuses solely on the two Walking Dead series, the new one will feature a wide-ranging guest list and train the spotlight the pop culture landscape. Produced by Embassy Row, Talking with Chris Hardwick premieres April 9, a week after the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead.

“Talking will have the skin of Talking Dead, the soul of the Nerdist podcast and the guts of a Comic-Con panel,” Hardwick said. “I have loved learning how to do a talk show these last six years on Talking Dead but am eager to expand the format into other areas of pop culture.”



Good luck to them, I don’t see it happening but they might get a bit more.


I never knew before how much I need to see Alison Brie play an 80s pro wrestler.