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I could use a trailer for Twin Peaks, or something to whet my appetite…it’s starting in May am I right?




My wife has been in tears this week between This Is Us and Nashville.


Some background info -
Goranger, the first Super Sentai show, you know, Power Rangers, was first pitched as a spin-off of Kamen Rider. Featuring a team dynamic of five Riders. But producers didn’t think it would sell, so the creator retooled it as a separate entity.

For the (now regular) crossover movies that Sentai does with the current Rider show - they’ve dug the concept out of storage - and given it a three part miniseries. They still don’t think it can stand on it’s own, so they’re having a bunch of past Kamen Riders guest star…but still - neat.

First trailer:
Kamen Sentai Gorider



I missed this until today;

I like the book a lot, I could see it being the basis for a great TV show, especially today, it’s an accessible idea but also a challenging one.



Well there are reunions and then there are reunions. It would be nice to get them in a room and do a retrospective interview, but that’s not the same as 2 hour TV movie following up after the end of the shows.

And then, of course, there’s the occasionally mentioned idea of an animated show. Which should have been done years ago, and then cancelled after a few seasons, and rebooted already!


I loved Buffy and Angel, but I have no interest in a reunion show. They could so easily reboot the franchise at this point. New generation, new slayer. The concept is built for a reboot.


I’d probably watch a reboot just out of curiosity, but I’m not convinced it would have a unique selling point in today’s over-saturated market.


I agree with Chris that the concept has a natural reboot built in, or rather you don’t need to really reboot but just continue with the next slayer in the sequence. A bit like how Doctor Who does it.

The teen aspect was also a big part of the appeal (and vampires are not meant to age as all the actors who played them have).


Whedon’s even already done it in comic form.


I am kind of the opposite of that. I would murder anyone who is not Joss Whedon who would dare try to reboot this show. With a very blunt knife.

On the other hand, I would love a twenty-years-later TV special written and directed by Whedon. That’d be awesome.

Also, leaving Angel dead would be fine for that. Let the ending of that show stand, and focus on the rest of the Sunnydale gang.


We don’t know that Angel is dead. It’s entirely possible that All those blaster shots we hear after the screen goes dark are just Avon being super-cool and killing all the Federation troops before they can react. Or maybe Avon just drops to the floor and they shoot each other. Or Avon killing Blake was a bluff, Blake is still alive and he’s shooting all the Federation goons while Avon runs for it.

Oh hang on. I seem to be talking about Blake’s 7 :confused:


Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right, it’s entirely possible that the four of them charged into those hordes of thousands of creatures and dragons and won and made it out alive.

Entirely possible.


Joss Whedon could make me believe it.


Definitely, I mean there were four of them so it’s not like they were significantly overwhelmed.


I think the key point is, one of them was Angel, so awesome.