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I think this is the key description of ‘Castle Rock’;

“–a reimagining that explores the themes and worlds uniting the entire King canon, while brushing up against some of his most iconic and beloved stories”

If anyone’s read it (and if you haven’t here’s a link), I think that the King story ‘One For the Road’ is a taste of what this will be.

It starts in a small bar, in a small town, that isn’t Salem’s Lot, but is not that far away. Everyone has heard of the town that died out, mysteriously, in the space of a few months, but no-one goes there and no-one wants to say the word “vampires” out loud, until one very cold, winter’s night…

They’re probably not going to retread the books, but they’ll refer to the events from them and include some of the characters that appeared in them.

What Are You Watching? Infinite Season

I can see them getting mileage from that.

But it’s not playing to their strengths if they don’t use Bannerman and his exploits at some point.

Like I said, Fargo is about the history of the Fargo crime syndicate.
It’s also anthological. They could pull it off.





Fuck yes.

Excited for this cast.

And I really hope for flashbacks with kid Numbers and Wrench.


I knew McGregor was in this, but I didn’t know this:

Set in 2010, the third season centers on “Emmit” and his slightly younger brother “Ray Stussy” (both played by McGregor). Emmit, the Parking Lot King of Minnesota, sees himself as an American success story, whereas Ray is more of a cautionary tale.

That should be fun.


There was an interview not too long ago where McGregor said of all the accents he has done in his career, this was the hardest.



I can see incidental characters from Tommyknockers going into a shop called Needful Things while saying “Did you hear what happened over In Salem’s Lot the other day? Hey, was that a clown over there?” while meanwhile the episode is about something completely different.


That’s my biggest fear. :frowning:


Wasn’t that the basic concept of Dickensian (although with Dickens, obviously)? I never watched it but it sounded like a fun concept.


Actually, yes it was. It worked really well (what I saw of it; I never finished it because they kept moving it into different time slots), because the central plot, although completely original, was interesting in its own right and involved the Dickens characters in ways that felt true to their natures.

I’m not sure how well it would work for King because (King fans look away now) all his characters are the same. When Micawber wandered into Dickensian, you guessed from his look, and were positive after two sentences, that it was Micawber. If a Stephen King character wandered into a random story and said some lines, would you have a clue whether it was James Gardener, Ben Hanscom, or Ben Mears?


It would depend on what the lines were?



Two months…? Ok I’ll wait.

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