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I really like Leftovers season 1, but I never watched season 2. Anyone watch it? How was it? I’m glad they are going to finish it out and not just cancel it.



Well, there’s a reason why he lost self-confidence - his first movie was his best movie.

I found Mallrats to be pretty unwatchable, Chasing Amy was terrible and even Dogma was just okay (full of neat ideas and great actors, mediocre execution). And after that… well.

But Clerks was a really good movie.


Castle Rock is part of Stephen King’s fictional Maine topography and provides the setting for a number of his novels, novellas, and short stories. Castle Rock first appeared in King’s 1979 novel “The Dead Zone”, and has reappeared as late as his 2013 novel “Doctor Sleep” and 2014 novel “Revival”. The name is taken from the fictional mountain fort of the same name in William Golding’s 1954 novel “Lord of the Flies”.

The point? Abrams just announced, via the below video, that he’s producing a brand new Hulu Original series based on this fictional town. The anthology will weave together characters and themes from the King stories set in that town. Each season will follow a different set of characters and story lines while interjecting themes and specific characters from previous seasons.


If they really get to work with characters from all the works mentioned in the trailer, that’s quite a coup. Interesting that they’d get the rights to do that even with the novels that have been adapted into films.


Zach Woods owns that Silicon Valley teaser, as always


S2 was much better than S1. I liked S1, but S2 got rid of the weakest elements, and brought in some great new characters and storylines.


Let’s see what they do with those characters? This isn’t a new approach, it’s been done with vampires, action heroes and fairytales already but this is one writer’s fictional universe.

If that description is correct then it’s ‘Stephen King’s League of Extraordinarily Scary Things’.

Worth keeping a look out for.


I bet they’re kicking themselves for not using that now.


Sunday 19th February at 9pm.

I’m not sure why the BBC are allergic to putting dates on trailers?

What Are You Watching? Infinite Season

Making a Castle Rock show is an amazing idea.

It’s like King’s Arkham Massachusetts…everything has happened there, and will continue to happen there.

Teenage Sadists, Serial Killers, Possessed Dogs, Vampires, and the Devil himself.

God, I hope for so much.
I hope J.J. and crew doesn’t mess it up.


Chasing Amy is my favorite of the bunch. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is his only View Askewniverse film that I didn’t really care for.


If we’re talking about View Askewniverse…then I hate Mallrats.

Mainly because the movie has two cuts and each has problems…but if they merged the best out of the two it would be a better movie than the existing two.
And I hate movies that make a lame gag about prison rape. It’s…offputting.


Awesome, I’ll have to dive in.


I agree with you. I think that was an artifact of the time though with that film and songs like Date Rape where it was seen as those people getting what they deserve. I think we’ve evolved a bit beyond that to see that rape is rape no matter what the form now.


Castle Rock has a lot of potential. As a big King fan, I’ll definitely want to check it out. Hopefully it ends up being worthwhile.


It’s just like…the bad guy lost and is humiliated.
He’s a laughingstock and got his comeuppance.

Why add rape to it?
It’s ridiculous.

A similar attitude I hate is when a petty, at best, villain gets horrifically assaulted at the end…again for laughs.
Something was wrong with the 90’s.


I like to think we’ve become less vengeful as a whole. Though villain getting their “comeuppance” is still something some would cheer.


That wholly depends on how one defines comeuppance.
For me, defeat and some retribution is comeuppance.
That’s just the nature of story.

Rape and assault isn’t comeuppance.
See: Happy Madison


We are in agreement here.