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Because three random entertainers are eminently qualified to judge whether a piece of computer software is worth developing :rolling_eyes:

What’s that noise I hear? It’s like a scaping… at the bottom of something…


You know that for the entertainment industry, hitting bottom does not mean they should stop digging.


There’s gold under that barrel. :wink:


They’re actually more successful as entrepreneurs.

So yes. Qualified.


Really? Entrepreneurs as in hands-on-getting-stuff-done people, rather than just I’m-rich-take-my-money-and-invest-it-somewhere people?

In that case, I apologise to them. I had no idea.


There was a reason Ashton Kutcher was on Shark Tank a few times.

That said, Shark Tank is infinitely more entertaining because the products can be outlandish.
While an app…is just an app.


Seriously… Why are they making a whole show around appetizers? Is there a big market for that in restaurants? :wink:


That’s another thing.

You’re making a good joke…but even that has a better premise than the real one.

A cooking based Shark Tank?
Hell yes!


If there’s any justice in the world, the producers of Silicon Valley will sneak Josh Brenner into the show in character as Big Head, who’ll pitch NipAlert to them.


It’s very debatable. They do have successful tech businesses but you have to question how much they did and how much they just lent their names. Paltrow really just has a glorified blog selling her lifestyle, it’s not as if she invented Uber or Pokemon Go as a new concept.

This show is really just Dragon’s Den and to be fair almost all of the judges there built something from the ground up.


I can’t speak for the others but Gwyneth Paltrow was the CEO of Stark International… :wink:


The concept also depends on the presence of the hosts.

I mean, all of the main 4 of the Sharks in Shark Tank…they’re very entertaining to watch.
In fact most of them have become memes in their own right.


Alba is far more successful as a businesswoman than an Actress.

She’s been quoted a couple of times to the effect of “I just take acting jobs to go on holiday”.


Jessica Alba can do no wrong.

No. Wrong.



You say that but…




I wonder if it’s going to be like that recent comic about a buffoon who makes a deal with a demon to be president.


Fake news, Todd.