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Hellsing may turn out to be a better comparison.

I hope it’s as inventive as that, and with Ellis writing every episode, I have little doubt.


I think some of Idol’s initial success comes from when it first aired and the chemistry of the hosts. Post 9/11 and pre-social media, the US hadn’t seen anything like it. It hit at just the tight time.

While it has produced a lot of talent that went on to be quite successful, only two winners became huge stars: Kelly Clarkson (S1) and Carrie Underwood (S4). The show ran for 16 seasons.

The TV landscape is littered with musical competition shows that tried to be the next Idol. The Voice is the only one to make it but it has never come close to Idol at its peak. Voice does two cycles per year which I think dilutes its brand. Idol was smart to only do one cycle per year so it became an “event” each time.

I really think they should wait about five years before they trey to relaunch it. Give people a chance to miss it and build anticipation for it. But I also think the entertainment landscape has changed so much in the last few years where though it still may be successful, it will never come near its peak again.


I can’t argue Todd. I think it’s actually impossible for it to reach that peak again.

None of them are very good at predicting stars. Pop Idol in the UK (on which American Idol is based) gave over to the X-Factor and most of the successes didn’t win. One Direction being the major one, I think they came 3rd or 4th to someone nobody ever heard of again. There’s a gap between the voters on TV and those that actually buy records.

My point is more whether regardless of all of that it can be a successful investment. I think it probably can. It would have more impact with a rest of 5 years but these people are not known for their patience.


Even Susan Boyle and Will Young didn’t win their talent shows. I’d say the only really successful winner over here is Leona Lewis.


Will Young did, didn’t he?


I thought he lost to Gareth Gates, but I coul well be wrong.


No, Young won, Gates came second.


Gates was the favourite and it was a bit of an upset, if I remember rightly.

It seems so long ago now.





John Oliver is on point, as always.


Yes, and he has returned just in time!

Edited to add: Trevor Noah has finally found his voice in The Daily Show too.


I could understand the point of the article if SNL wasn’t funny but they’re funnier than they have been in a long, long time. They’re not meant to be news. They’re comedy. Even so, they took on some very topical skits during and just after the election. I think the article wreaks of writing a critical story about something that’s now popular to get clicks for yourself.


I tend to agree Ronnie. There’s always an element of satire in SNL but it’s not a news/politics show in the way the likes of the Daily Show are. In the latest Spicer sketch it turns into surreal slapstick really with the Dalek-like moving podium but it made me laugh. That’s their job, it’s John Oliver’s job to fully take them to task.


That’s a great bit of casting.


Well, at least he still has “Wild N’Out”.



I think that gap is built into the format of the show. The whole presentation is geared towards making you vote for the one whose personality/backstory/looks you like, not for the one whose singing you like. So why on Earth would you buy their records? You might, might go to see them in concert, but that’s still nothing to do with liking their records.


I know someone who went through the process and this is even true on the behind the scenes stuff even shows or rounds that don’t have public voting.


I know someone who went to the UK X-Factor auditions (this is when you get auditioned by the production team, before you even see a camera – yes, the scenes we are told are auditions are not actually auditions, they’ve already happened and the contestants we see have been pre-screened – yes, the truly awful failures we laugh at have been deliberately put on camera for us to laugh at). He was told flat out that they liked his voice but his face didn’t fit, so he got no further.

He didn’t care. He has just released his fifth solo CD and makes a decent living as a full-time singer :slight_smile: