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Samurai Jack is back



I wondered if audiences have just moved on. Or if that kind of show has lost some of it’s appeal during a Trump presidency.


People realized that saving America doesn’t entail a 24hr period.


Didn’t the Super Bowl also go into overtime? Did the show just start late or did it pick up where it would need to to hit its time slot?


…or that it can’t be saved without Jack Bauer in charge.


I’m sure you and Tim can envision Ninja Amy Adams saving America. :rolling_eyes:


As if that’s not a 3 billion blockbuster right there.


Apparently this is only a 12-hour series (like Live Another Day was).

I hope it’s still a full 24-hour day, just played at double-speed, Benny Hill style.


It started late which is considered a contributing factor. Some of the reviews I read before the premiere said it wasn’t that good.


It was cheesy.
But 24 has always been cheesy.

It was Keifer’s acting that really carried that. He was like an Eastwood in the role.
The new guy…not very enigmatic. So the cheesiness stands out even more.


Starting in June means Maslany won’t be eligible to defend her Best Actress Emmy this year.


Everything I see from Feud makes me want to watch it more. Opening credits:


That was fantastic.


For a second consecutive season, NBC is giving a pilot order to a drama inspired by the the literary works of best-selling author Charlaine Harris, from producer David Janollari. Following Midnight, Texas last year, which went to series, the network has given a green light to Redliners.

Written by Emerald City executive producer Shaun Cassidy and comic creator Kelly Sue DeConnick (Pretty Deadly), Redliners is based on short stories by Harris, whose books also inspired HBO’s hit vampire drama True Blood.

In the tone of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Redliners mixes humor, romance and espionage. It follows a pair of former operatives who get reactivated and drawn into a larger conspiracy while attempting to maintain their undercover lives.



Written/executive produced by Peep Show co-creator Jesse Armstrong, Succession follows the saga of the Roys, a fictional American global-media family that is not only rich and powerful but also powerfully dysfunctional.

The drama, which explores family loyalty, international business, and the perils of power in the 21st century, comes on the heels of the Redstone family real-life soap opera, which unfolded over the past year and may not be quite done yet. Meanwhile, the Murdoch family is now firmly in control of 21 Century Fox, with Rupert Murdoch’s sons taking on top posts.

Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin star, along with Sarah Snook, Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen, Hiam Abbas, Rob Yang, Parker Sawyers and Peter Friedman.


This has been rumored for a while though it’s not confirmed that this show and the rumored one are the same. (It’ll make more sense when you read the article.)

Netflix Has Announced a Castlevania TV Show for 2017

There aren’t any dang details about it but, at some point this year, we’ll get the chance to watch somebody from Castlevania’s Belmont family fighting bloodsuckers.

Netflix has been holding an event today where it’s announcing the bulk of its upcoming programming slate. Nestled in the press release was this:

Castlevania Season 1, Part 1 Coming to Netflix in 2017


Animated or live action?


If it’s the rumored show then animated from the creators of Adventure Time and written by Warren Ellis.