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The protomolecule’s involvement has not been ruled out






That’s good news as I just finished the first season tonight, so I should be able to carry on without much of a wait.




Who ya gonna call?



It takes a long time to get to the actual reason ‘blame cable TV’. Exactly the same thing has happened in the UK and Malaysia without government acts, they just moved over to dedicated kids channels.


I still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings on RTE. :slight_smile: Tomorrow there’s Danger Mouse, Scooby Doo and Pinky and the Brain.


And now we get more news and that wonderful cooking programme that’s always on!


But there are also dedicated news and cooking channels. So the argument that dedicated kid’s channels caused the death of cartoons on mainstream channels doesn’t hold up.

Basically the real reason is that programmers hate kids.


All quality shows.



Honestly, I didn’t think Stewart was very good. Too many times you could tell she was reading cue cards and seemed uncomfortable.

McCarty’s Spicer was good though.



Yeah, she was far from the worst host they’ve had, but she clearly wasn’t comfortable in the live sketches. Her monologue was pretty good though, and the annual pre-recorded Totino’s sketch was great.