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My buddy Garth was talking about this on Thursday.


Yes, die bastard, die. May 3D BluRay join it in tech hell.


Don’t hold back Ben. Tell us how you really feel.


It’s one of the few concepts I loathed on sight, then the TV industry added insult to injury by pushing it relentlessly for years.

Fortunately along came 4K TVs and killed the little bastard for good.


I’m still waiting for CRT to make its triumphant return.

Ok, not really. But as I’ve been buying a lot of retro games lately, I had thought about getting a CRT TV, so I can get a vintage light gun system running. I had thought they were still being made, as a niche part of the overall market, but apparently not.


They are still being made albeit in small quantities.

Shouldn’t be hard to get one second hand?


I had a quick look on eBay the other day and there are quite a few, the trouble is CRT TVs are bloody heavy, so they’re all local collection only, with no good ones near me. I might go look in a few charity shops at some point.


Might be worth checking out some local tips too. Mine always has a huge stack of CRT tvs and I’m sure some of them are only being thrown out because they’re obsolete rather than broken.


Some friends tried to sell one at a yard sale last summer. They couldn’t even give it away.





It’s back tonight!


Yes, the Expanse is back and picks up where it left off. Good call on showing episodes one and two the first night. I’m sucked right back in.

I hope everyone is watching. If you’re not, you’re missing out.



Excellent, might be time to re-activate the Netflix membership then - are the entire lot of S2 all available?


It only just started in the US last night. It won’t be on Netflix UK until April apparently.




Somehow, episodes 1 and 2 showed up on my hard drive today