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Looking it up, it seems like it’s available on Amazon video here (although you have to pay for it even on Prime).

I would pick a favourite to try but they’re all good in different ways - probably best just to start from the beginning.


It hasn’t.

You are literally the worst person.


Ta, I never realised what that show was, either. Now I’ll keep an eye open for it - hopefully it’ll pop up on those streaming services at some point.


Derek Jacobi’ director commentary was hilarious in the Christmas episode.



It’s still doing great in the ratings but it’s only going to get more expensive with the stars’ salaries. It will probably come down to the stars getting restless and wanting to do something different.






Eh Meryl Streep would have been a better choice.


She would’ve been the perfect Captain America.


Yeah that goes without saying.


Yeah, how about we say it again just for clarity?


Not sure if this will work in embed, but SyFy have just released a promo video for The Expanse, where you can move the camera around to see the scene from various angles. If you flip the camera 180 degrees as soon as you can, you can then pan around as a ship approaches Mars


Neat! I’ll try this out with my cardboard VR thingy later.


So, basically, Al Roker and Tamron Hall are screwed.


Pretty much.


Based on this Funny or Die short:

It was also the subject of a weird legal dispute between Azaria and Craig Bierko:


This could go in the technology thread, but it also belong here;

Shambling corpse of 3D TV finally falls down dead

The bespectacled zombie lies face down in the dirt, thanks to LG and Sony dropping support from their 2017 TVs. Will it ever rise again?

It’s been a walking corpse for the last couple of years, and now 3D TV finally looks dead.

LG and Sony, the last two major TV makers to support the 3D feature in their TVs, will stop doing so in 2017. None of their sets, not even high-end models such as their new OLED TVs, will be able to show 3D movies and TV shows.

Samsung dropped 3D support in 2016; Vizio hasn’t offered it since 2013. Other smaller names, like Sharp, TCL and Hisense, also failed to announce any 3D-capable TVs at CES 2017.

The 3D feature has been offered on select televisions since 2010, when the theatrical success of “Avatar” in 3D helped encourage renewed interest in the technology. In addition to a 3D-capable TV, it requires specialized glasses for each viewer and the 3D version of a TV show or movie – although some TVs also offer a simulated 3D effect mode.

Despite enthusiasm at the box office and years of 3D TVs being available at affordable prices, the technology never really caught on at home. DirecTV canceled its 24/7 3D channel in 2012 and ESPN followed suit a year later. There are plenty of 3D Blu-ray discs still being released, such as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” but if you want to watch them at home you’ll need a TV from 2016 or earlier – or a home theater projector.


By the time anyone thinks to relaunch it I suspect VR will be even better developed and anyone who want a 3D experience at home will be able to use that.