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Not me. I mean, I am interested in sex, but the show was horrible and I didn’t manage to watch more than one episode. Boring show about horrible people being superficial and unfunny. Blergh. No amount of sex could’ve made that interesting for me.

But for whatever reason, it spoke to a lot of people. And that’s not just because it was about sex. If it was as simple as that, television would look a lot different.

I don’t know, man. Wasn’t Everybody Loves Raymond one of the most successful sitcoms? Not to mention stuff like 7th Heaven (shudder!).

You’re probably right that that target audience is shrinking, but they’re still relevant enough to get their share of shows produced for them. Whether they will flock to The Unicorn remains to be seen. I have my doubts.


No, you were right the first time, it was shite. Sex was always the only thing it had going for it, it’s just that most people will tolerate shite more than us.

And yes family comedies do well, but they really need to be about the family first and foremost and The Unicorn seems like a family friendly dating comedy. I’m not sure anyone wants that.


Let alone a family friendly dating comedy starring an actor who has the charm of a serial killer. (And I mean that in a good way, I love Walton Goggins!)


I find HBO to be almost all awful except for maybe 1 show every 10 years. I think as a network they’re going to really struggle now. At one time they were the only place for more mature TV, but now there’s so many avenues I think producers will take their shows elsewhere.


They do have an extremely strong production network, but it means fuck all if the stories aren’t always there. The focus on quantity over quality was something they were trying to change and it’s the only thing they had going for it, they can’t compete at the level of other streaming services.

They most certainly can’t if they continue fucking up their best properties.

It amazes me that they don’t have a stronger quality check on shows after True Detective to be honest. It’s one thing to give freedom in creative control but another to just give it away outright.

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Based on the Visaggio/Jason Smith series, with Mariko Tamaki onboard as one of the writers.


Her name is desperately close to a porn star I’ve… er… heard of.

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I am not sure what that was, but I’m definitely interested.


What the hell?


So is this like Blade Runner now I guess.

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I remember this being on over here in the early afternoon when I was a kid I think, but very, very hazily.

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Oh yeah, I am definitely out. Season 2 was total garbage and that does not look like an improvement.


It looks like it would be better if it was just a completely different show.
Average, sure, but better.

Being connected to Westworld makes it obvious they’d completely run out of ideas.

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from the Westworld thread