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Yeah, I found myself getting fed up with it i s5. I don’t think 6 has started in the UK yet, but I’m probably going to give it a miss.


This could be cool.


What happened to the Supercrooks feature? Is that dead?


Maybe Netflix will eventually adapt the anime into a live-action movie.


And then do a comics adaptation of that.


Not sure. It’s possible the option ran out.



Nacho Vigalondo was supposed to direct it back in 2011, but it never happened.



So at the end of last year, I put this in my top TV of 2018.

Guess what’s been dropped from Sky’s F1 coverage this year? :unamused: Ted’s not even going to be at the races doing pit lane reporting any more, it seems, and has instead been dumped in some mid-week technical show.


Danny John-Jules has got people hoping for a Red Dwarf XIII after tweeting this:





Ok… well it was a gimmick, one that worked but still a gimmick.


I did two viewing sessions with Bandersnatch. The first one was about 1.5 hours and the second was about an hour. After that, I was tired of it. I would probably try any new ones they have but I don’t think I would have multiple sessions unless it was incredibly compelling.


I only ever did the Stretch Armstrong more than once because I kept messing up.


I’ve watched Minecraft Story Mode more than I have Bandersnatch.