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Great, now that song is stuck in my head all day.



Even the crap ones? No-one needs to see Make Mine Music.


Hey, filling up on the crap ones is what TV is all about.




Did Michael Jackson molest Bart while he was filming the episode?




After three seconds I thought, this looks like Banshee.

I am sure the action will be amazing. This is definitely a series I’m going to look out for.


This is interesting:

“By the first 28 days,” said Holland, the streaming giant has a good idea if they’ve reached their viewership objectives for a particular series. Netflix viewership data also helps the streamer spot the white areas, where there might be an unseen opportunity for content.

Other takeways from Holland’s conversation at INTV is that most subscribers watch the platform on their Television over mobile phones though the latter is growing. Average members watch two hours a day with weekends and holiday viewing being higher than weekdays as that’s when audiences have more time.



I read the first issue or two of the series and it just didn’t grab. I dropped it pretty quickly.



Netflix zombies something something 28 Days Later joke something.



I honestly see Netflix and Disney+ coexisting. As long as Netflix has mature content geared for adults, it won’t be going away. Parents will primarily get Disney+ for their kids as it has a PG-13 ratings ceiling. Kids will be watching Disney+ while their parents are watching Netflix.


Pretty much, although if Disney+ did a Queer Eye show for nerds it would be hilarious.


Nerd eye for the jock guy?



YES!!! Yesyesyesyes, yes PLEASE!!!

Man, I love comedy Timothy Olyphant so much.



Very surprised to hear Blacklist will keep going. The show went completely off the rails in Season 5. I rarely abandon a show I’ve invested 5 seasons in, but that one was so dumb that I jumped ship as soon as it ended.


It really should have ended about midway through Season 4. I’m still watching and this season has been a slog. I really hope Season 7 ends up being its final one.