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Today Google is celebrating Desi Arnaz’ birthday which was 102 years ago.

Say what you will about Seinfeld and other modern day sitcoms, but what Arnaz did with I Love Lucy with the sitcom format in the 50’s and letting his wife Lucy take the lead was groundbreaking…

Now his infidelity and alcoholism was another matter, but he gets honorable mention nonetheless.


Yay. Bosch isn’t the most innovative show but it doesn’t have to be: Excellent cast + sharp writing = a great series.

You’ve the Hollywood Homicide lot, there’s Crate ‘n’ Barrel, Jerry, then there’s Lance Reddick, again playing the boss but he does it so well. There’s a shitload of local politics. LA is depicted as a sprawling, forever ready to blow powder keg and in the middle of all this? The perpetually pissed off Harry Bosch.

I’ve also found a Bosch series never drags, they package and pace it perfectly.

Now if they’d release some DVD/BRs of it…


They release it on DVD in Australia:



Is nothing sacred?





Interview with Neil and Rob on the Empire podcast:


Nice I’m always down for another season of Line of Duty!


Shaun Evans is now only about five years younger than John Thaw was when he started as Morse (though he’s playing younger and I think Thaw was playing slightly older).



Will Will Ferrel host?



Luke Perry has died from a massive stroke.


A new article in the New York Post states that the delays are, at least in part, caused by the tech giant’s hands-on approach to content, with “intrusive” executives (including CEO Tim Cook) who are “giving notes and getting involved” in the company’s series and shows.

Executives reportedly have a very narrow view of the kinds of shows and messages the company should be producing:

One of the CEO’s most repeated notes is ‘don’t be so mean!,’ the source said
… Cook, 58, has been public about wanting family-friendly content, but insiders say the tech giant has also passed on storylines because they are about potentially controversial topics, like religion or the negative consequences of technology. ‘They want a positive view of technology,’ the producer noted.


Hey!! Mixing Irish stuff and Asian stuff is my gig!

Luckily mine also has swords.


That’s fucked up. He’s 8 years younger than me. RIP


Well, I just found my new favorite TV show. Historical fiction from the producers of Banshee? Stop, I can only get so aroused.


As @Will and @RonnieM will attest, that’s a lie.