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Damn, hopefully he’s able to recover from it. That’s awful…


Wow he’s pretty young for a stroke. That’s terrible.



Titus Welliver has one of the coolest names in Hollywood.



‘L.A.’s Finest’ Co-Showrunner Has Leg Partially Amputated As Questions Mount About Horrific On-Set Accident

Brandon Sonnier’s life was forever changed last Thursday when the L.A.’s Finest executive producer/co-showrunner, along with fellow EP/co-showrunner Brandon Margolis, were injured on the set of the upcoming Spectrum/Sony Pictures TV series. Both were rushed to the hospital, but while Margolis was quickly released, Sonnier’s injury was so severe he had to have one of his legs amputated just below the knee, I have learned. He remains hospitalized, surrounded by family.

According to sources, Sonnier, Margolis and other producers were in the video village area on the San Pedro set, where they were watching a car stunt scene on monitors. A stunt car reportedly crashed into a cargo crate, with the container and/or the car smashing into the video village, which had been set up behind the crate. There was immediate fear for Sonnier’s leg as sources on the set indicated it may have been pinned.

As doctors were fighting to save Sonnier’s leg, questions began to mount about the accident. The biggest is why the video village was set up in such close proximity to the stunt scene, which was filmed on location near Warehouse One at the Port of Los Angeles. Cal/OSHA was notified and immediately opened an investigation into the incident; its findings will likely provide insight into what went wrong.

It may have been a freak accident, but if additional safeguards need to be placed on film and TV sets so it never happens again, that should be done. No writer, cast, or crew member should be going to work fearing for their safety.

L.A.’s Finest, an offshoot from the Bad Boys movies and starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, marked Sonnier’s big TV break. It is his and Margolis’ first series as creators after the two worked as writer-producers on NBC’s The Blacklist. They are also under an overall deal at Sony TV, which produces both L.A.’s Finest and The Blacklist

Bloody hell.


That’s crazy. I hope that dude gets some serious compensation.



I’m surprised to see that there’s a new series of White Gold starting on BBC 2 this week or so. I thought the whole show had been kicked into the long grass when Ed Westwick was accused of sexual assault in 2017. (It seems he wasn’t prosecuted in the end).

Either way, the character he plays on that show is so shady and close to the spirit of those accusations, I’m not sure I could feel comfortable watching it.


Jeeeeesus fuckt… Supernatural season 15… will they ever stop??? :smile:


I wasn’t sure where to put this but I think it’s worth watching, it shows the growth of YouTube in just 7 years. It is DOMINATING other forms of visual entertainment like TV and streaming and is a direct connection to audiences. To fathom it, consider just how many people follow Rihanna but not T-Series or PewDiePie who are also completely at odds (though no doubt share a certain amount of subscribers). The expansion of the medium is mind blowing.


Holy crap. Except for the musical acts and WWE, I haven’t even heard of most of those. The only one I’ve watched on a regular basis (ERB) just had a brief showing. How is PewDiePie that popular???


He’s very entertaining and very charming and covers loads of stuff. One day he will have a thing reviewing memes, the next day he will play a game, the next day he will review a serious book and the day after that he will blog from a cool place he’s visiting. I think the fact he’s so self depreciating is why it works, he doesn’t talk down to his audience, he treats them like friends. The T-Series thing has given him a boost because loads of people are coming up with ways to get him new subscribers or help him stay in front. Last week Elon Musk appeared doing a meme review.

It’s testament to audiences I think that he is genuinely a lovely guy, it’s not an act. When the money he makes is mentioned he almost looks embarrassed and makes a joke out of it.

A lot of the people who rise to having high subscriber counts are genuine and nice people. Being an asshole simply doesn’t seem to wash when you are putting up daily or weekly content. People don’t want to subscribe to someone you wouldn’t enjoy the company of in real life, a good personality seems to be the best currency on YT.


My son and his friends all grew up watching stuff like EvanTube HD and stuff like that. Regular TV just isn’t a thing for them anymore.


My nephews are the same. When Jay wants to watch TV, it’s to watch YouTube on TV.


Yep, mine too. Or rather, YouTube and streaming services are completely interchangeable with what we would think of as traditional television.

When they get up in the morning and I ask what they want to watch, they give me YouTube search terms.

It all runs through the TV so it’s all the same to them.



Nice to see Geoffrey Owens getting an acting gig.