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That’s good casting.


Alright, that’s pretty funny:


You know, I think I am actually quite excited for this Watchmen series.


BritBox is heading home to the UK after the BBC and ITV revealed that they are launching a combined streaming service.

The British public broadcaster and commercial network have set a strategic partnership to launch a service in the second half of 2019. It will be a mix of library shows from the BBC and ITV and will also include new commissions from British production companies.

The two companies are working on a formal legal agreement for the service and “anticipate” that other partners including Channel 4 and Viacom’s Channel 5 will be added. They are speaking to regulators and the “wider industry” about their proposals.

Will BritBox be able to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Apple? ITV CEO Carolyn McCall said that it is set to spend £25M this year on the service and up to £40M next year, less than one season of The Crown.


Ha, I was just about to post that myself. I think it’s a bad move. It’s a success in North America, where there’s no other platform for most of that content, but in the UK it’s got two big problems: people feel like they’ve already paid enough for BBC shows with the license fee and the content is widely available elsewhere.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it at the time, but I did a YouGov survey about this some time last year and all of the content they were using for examples is the stuff that’s already incessantly repeated on Gold, ITV2, Drama and even BBC 2 (Dad’s Army, Only Fools And Horses etc). I can’t see that people are going to want to subscribe to get access to all that stuff when it’s on free to air channels (that aren’t going anywhere) all the time already. The survey also suggested that it might promote itself on providing access to “the best of British podcasts” which is really taking the piss given podcasts are (usually) free.


Streaming is about convenience. Sure you can see ‘Only Fools and Horses’ for free, but unless you own the DVDs or fill up your SkyBox you’re going to be tied to the TV schedule.

This factor is what made recording and pre-recorded media so big. Streaming is the latest version and it increases the convenience.

This wont compete with Netflix on anything like the same level, but it’s got a market.


It’s actually in the next line of the article after the quote above.

“We’ve never said this is the British equivalent of Netflix – we’re looking at content working in the UK. The most important thing is that it’s complementary to Netflix.”

I think sometimes it’s a flawed narrative too often with reporting on streaming platforms. Todd had that article with every streaming offering and many were just free on-demand catchup ones like BBC iPlayer or very niche programming, things like NextUp that only shows standup shows or Criterion with classic movies. They aren’t competing either.

Martin has a point that a lot of this material seems to be available in other venues already but convenience may come in and with the outlay an absolute fraction of what Netflix invest then it could also be positioned as a cheap offering. There’s a service here called iFlix which has a handful of TV shows that aren’t on Netflix, I don’t watch it much but the subscription is so cheap (around US$2) that I just keep subscribed.


I think the only way it’s going to be properly successful is if they either:
remove all the content going on Britbox from Netflix (and Amazon) which would be a hell of a powerplay, but pretty unlikely (especially as they think they’re not competing with Netflix) or throw their archives wide open on there, so it’s not just Downton, Dad’s Army and Doctor Who, but anything and everything; the Adventure Game, Wogan, The Golden Shot, Pebble Mill At One, TW3, stuff that wouldn’t warrant individual media releases but collectively would attract enough interest to bag a subscription. But that also seems unlikely from what I saw in the test survey and their wording they’ve used in the press release.



BritBox gift cards for Christmas for grandparents nation-wide…


Interesting that he’s playing Lucas. I wonder how hard they’ll work to make him and Dodge look similar.




WTF is Facebook Watch?



This year Will Smith is going to turn everything he touches to shite. Then he’ll go on PewDiePie’s channel and do meme review like Elon Musk right before Bad Boys III and it’ll make 800 million dollars.



The series builds on cutscenes from the 2014 game, adding in new animation and re-workings of game footage,


I’m in. Loved the game but couldn’t beat it.


It’s like suicide watch, you make sure there’s always somebody sitting with a vulnerable person you believe might be in danger of joining Facebook.