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I’m sure I’m being unfair to the actor, because I couldn’t see anything wrong with him in that trailer, but Patrick Warburton was so perfect in the role that anybody else is going to feel wrong to me. I guess Warburton will always be “my” Tick :confused:


I really liked Serafinowicz as The Tick in S1. It helps that he’s not really the lead character; it focuses more on Arthur.


Is this a spoof?



It’s a Ryan Murphy show, so sort of?

There’s some articles on their crazier episodes here:






That one’s geoblocked for me.


Is the Adam Scott episode just going to be every William Shatner episode?


Based on Henry James’ 1898 gothic horror novella The Turn of the Screw , Bly Manor will similarly be set at an old country mansion. Production will begin later this year ahead of a 2020 launch. Turn of the Screw has already inspired a slew of adaptations, most notably a 1950 Broadway play and the 1961 pic The Innocents .





They can just fuck right off with this CW Lost Boys shit

Fuckin arseholes







Still not the secret project they previewed last year when I saw Mischief Movie Night, but this sounds like it could be good. Or it could be less good, like Christmas Carol Goes Wrong.