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Oh, that looks good. I was a bit down on the last season (although I still enjoyed it) so I hope it’s going out on a high.


I loved Childrens Hospital, so I’m on board, but longer episodes feels like a mistake. 11 minutes a go was great for CH.





The contestants for series 8 of Taskmaster were announced yesterday:

Iain Sterling (the voice of Love Island), Joe Thomas (off the Inbetweeners), Lou Sanders (off, erm, various stand up stuff), Paul Sinha (off The Chase) and Sian Gibson (off Car Share).



Very much in his comfort zone. I expect this to be something I will like a lot.


Guess we shouldn’t hold out hope for a Luke Cage revival:


You should have kept watching

BCS for me is the better, more consistent series - and I loved breaking bad.


I don’t think I can say it’s better. It’s great, but it benefits from Breaking Bad doing lots of the grunt work for the characters so it can indulge itself more time on their character progression. I find the show to be too slow and the stakes to be too small. The fall of Walt is much bigger and better than the fall of Jimmy. There’s no Hank to be a foil for Jimmy, so there’s no real conflict. No Jesse caught up in the turmoil. Breaking Bad drama would be people getting killed or threats of violence, in BCS it’s bank plans and court depositions.

They’re clearly different types of story, by this stage in BB we were at the end of the Gus story arc, whereas it feels like we just got to Sauls first appearance. Each series is trying to achieve different things I guess.

I do think BCS has better production and acting. Nacho, Kim and Mike are better than Jesse, Skylar and Hank. But Walt was always electric on screen. You never knew what he was going to do. With Jimmy he’s entertaining but you know what’s coming.


I don’t disagree with any of that, but I think it’s a benefit as much as a drawback. BCS has this huge all-encompassing dramatic irony hanging over it, which makes even relatively minor plot points and actions take on a huge significance. The scale is totally different but the stakes somehow feel just as high, especially knowing how it all turns out for him in the end.

(Or do we? I suspect BCS is going to leapfrog the BB timeline eventually. It has already done that in the season-opening black-and-white scenes.)


I love the Jimmy/Saul stuff on BCS, but the Mike/Gus stuff doesn’t work as well for me. There’s some great individual sequences, but as a whole it’s not on the same level.


Gilligan is a master storyteller. Here could take any story and make it engrossing. But we’re 40 hours into the Nacho story and the Mike story, 4 years of the show and they feel like they’re barely moving. Unless there’s significant movement next season I’ll probably drop the show.


I like the Mike/Gus stuff a lot - without it the show wouldn’t have the same flavour, and wouldn’t feel connected enough to BB - but they’ve never really managed to make it feel like it’s not two separate shows smooshed together.

I have a feeling things will come together more in these final seasons.


Huh, I feel like they’ve moved faster in the last few episodes than ever before, especially as we see such key moments for both Jimmy and Mike fall into place.

I can’t deny it’s slow in general, but it’s that slowness that allows it to dig into the characters so deeply and explore them so thoroughly - which I think it does far more effectively than BB ever did.

It’s different, but just as good as BB, for me.



And that’s why I didn’t start watching it when it came to Netflix. It had the stink of a one season show as soon as I saw the reviews.


Oh great… thanks for wasting my time Netflix… jeeeeeeez… :unamused:


It’s pretty self-contained. There’s no need for a second series